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Guild Roster
Order of Truth
Order of Truth
47 members
Realm: Matma'el
Formed By: Ishora
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Character Name Level Race Class Guild Rank
Ishora 39 Human Magus Master
Kimera 13 Human Soldier Sensei
Vipger 42 Human Magus Sensei
Peyn 22 Human Magus Sensei
Bosian 32 Human Ranger Journeyman
Kharael 16 Human Ranger Apprentice
Arathax 38 Human Mystic Apprentice
Kandy 18 Human Magus Apprentice
Jethro 5 Human Soldier Apprentice
Talmara 20 Human Magus Apprentice
Jaharra 30 Human Soldier Apprentice
Terrious 15 Human Mystic Student
Axottica 14 Human Soldier Student
Nanidia 20 Human Ranger Student
Nolvablack 18 Human Mystic Student
Remo 16 Human Soldier Student
Tarith 14 Human Soldier Student
Zenergy 8 Human Soldier Student
Iryo 7 Human Magus Student
Amram 4 Human Mystic Student
Jehu 27 Human Soldier Student
Deathcaller 23 Human Magus Student
Magnus 27 Human Magus Student
Tazberaf 18 Human Soldier Student
Xarina 24 Human Ranger Student
Xorn 25 Human Mystic Student
Gudrae 3 Human Soldier Student
Lys 26 Human Mystic Student
Kneena 31 Human Mystic Student
Lyssia 34 Human Magus Student
Sarra 14 Human Soldier Student
Xenith 23 Human Magus Student
Redrum 20 Human Ranger Student
Bones 19 Human Mystic Student
Hotice 17 Human Magus Student
Bossman 18 Human Soldier Student
Kimali 20 Human Ranger Student
Pyrius 13 Human Magus Student
Xiphoid 4 Human Mystic Student
Hextor 11 Human Soldier Student
Norritt 17 Human Magus Student
Venger 6 Human Mystic Student
Almaria 37 Human Soldier Student
Raylary 7 Human Ranger Student
Rylon 29 Human Ranger Student
Xanthia 22 Human Soldier Initiate
Lore 1 Human Magus Initiate