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The War Machine
The War Machine
14 members
Realm: Matma'el
Formed By: Maracurio
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Character Name Level Race Class Guild Rank
Maracurio 50 Human Mystic Guardian
Thunderbunny 50 Human Soldier Vanguard
Wadjet 50 Human Ranger Vanguard
Thundercat 50 Human Mystic Vanguard
Velocity 50 Human Soldier Vanguard
Calamity 50 Human Magus Vanguard
Zalenia 50 Human Ranger Vanquisher
Velozity 1 Human Ranger Hunter
Stormi 1 Human Magus Hunter
Shiningdelta 4 Human Magus Hunter
Hidis 1 Human Soldier Hunter
Tipping 5 Human Ranger Hunter
Potss 1 Human Mystic Hunter