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Guild Roster
The Nightswatch
The Nightswatch
27 members
Realm: Matma'el
Formed By: Sheeky
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Character Name Level Race Class Guild Rank
Sheeky 50 Human Mystic Leader
Tyrionas 50 Human Ranger Council
Bellatrixx 14 Human Warden Officer
Junita 25 Human Ranger Journeyman
Lurch 30 Human Warden Journeyman
Airedhiel 30 Human Magus Journeyman
Officer 28 Human Mystic Journeyman
Eillistree 25 Human Magus Journeyman
Watchman 28 Human Mystic Journeyman
Qaliph 10 Human Soldier Apprentice
Walkyre 11 Human Soldier Apprentice
Tajaq 12 Human Warden Apprentice
Sjkajsd 15 Human Ranger Apprentice
Goraak 30 Human Soldier Apprentice
Sharell 34 Human Soldier Apprentice
Poppel 26 Human Mystic Apprentice
Tricksie 50 Human Ranger Apprentice
Biovoolfick 30 Human Soldier Apprentice
Joemama 13 Human Soldier Recruit
Greatmilenko 21 Human Soldier Recruit
Keevan 12 Human Mystic Recruit
Jarell 12 Human Ranger Bait
Wardenmilenko 17 Human Warden Bait
Eillis 20 Human Warden Bait
Thanos 13 Human Soldier Bait
Axexixoxu 20 Human Magus Bait
Azezizozu 14 Human Ranger Bait