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Guild Roster
House Of Stark
House Of Stark
14 members
Realm: Matma'el
Formed By: Stjerne
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Character Name Level Race Class Guild Rank
Stjerne 25 Human Mystic Leader
Alfida 49 Human Soldier Master
Mulle 50 Human Magus Master
Elrich 35 Human Warden Teacher
Elmo 24 Human Mystic Teacher
Moongirl 8 Human Ranger Teacher
Sapalot 50 Human Mystic Teacher
Blowmeoff 20 Human Magus Seasoned
Stricker 7 Human Ranger Seasoned
Sulo 35 Human Soldier Seasoned
Seeificare 1 Human Mystic Journeyman
Shania 5 Human Magus Bait
Woldemort 6 Human Soldier Bait
Deathtank 50 Human Soldier Bait