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July 24 2009- Build Notes
Patch version

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Characters and Combat

  • We have completely rewritten the class action system. Wand attack, ranged attacks, and most class actions work now.
  • Players and monsters are now capable of critical strikes.
  • Gear that has stat buffs will now adjust your stats.
  • Monsters have been rebalanced and use a new scaling formula. Keep an eye out for ones that seem too weak or too strong and include the monster's name in any bug report.
  • Optimizations have been made to the combat system; keep an eye out for irregularities now that things are as fast as we expect them to be.
  • Many new appearances added for high level gear and new creatures


Graphics and Effects

  • Support for enhanced particles has been added.
  • New particle effects have been added to actions.
  • Attack animations have been be implemented for soldier actions.
  • The bow animation has been corrected.
  • New and improved quest icons over NPCs have been added.
  • Adjusted the spacing and sizing of NPCs labels.
  • Level up particle and sound have been added. You will now see when you (or someone else) levels up.


User Interface (UI)

  • Character information UI has been enhanced to show additional information.
  • Added sliders to the Video Options and Rendering Panel, to give better control of options.
  • Your last name now displays in the character creation screen, so you don't forget what you picked.
  • Implemented the UI for the Kudos System - although we are still waiting for server-side support for the system - you can see the general layout of the Kudos panel .



  • New crafting recipes and materials are available for all professions.
  • Basic elixirs and potions are now in. Many are still having their actions implemented, but they are available for creation and purchase.


World and Questing

  • Teleport paths to Bur Clamps and Stone Tent are now open.
  • Elementals have begun to roam the mountains of Xanjuis Plains and Teldis.
  • The Animated - unnatural machine-like creations of the god Xukiss - have begun their invasion of Haggon Marsh from their home in Teldis.
  • More icons added. Keep an eye out for ! and ? icons and please /BUG report them! Be sure to include the name of the item and where you got it!
  • Furry Ears now have an icon that looks like a Furry Ear.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that prevented audio settings from being loaded correctly.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented footstep sounds from being heard.
  • Fixed an error with the /BUG would not allow content to be added to the body of the bug report.
  • Fixed some combat crashing / entering world crash bugs involving actions.
  • Fixed some bugs that occurred when turning in quests.
  • Fixed bug with some spell casting particles.
  • Fixed bug that would show highlighted objects through the land.
  • Fixed bug that was making it so actions wouldn't show their unique actions and particles in the same play session when you learned them.


Known Issues

  • The buffs one gets from gear is lost when you log out, you will need to unequip and re-equip to reclaim your buffs.
  • Soldier stances are not implemented yet.
  • Occasionally the client will not take keyboard input. This may happen when you first login or upon making the client active after it was in the background. Bringing up another application and clicking the mouse in it, and then returning to the game will fix this.
  • Occasionally when the client opens or becomes active, the mouse will jump to the upper left corner of the screen.
  • Player to Player trade is not yet supported by the server.
  • Many stats in character info are missing; these will be in the next patch.
  • Many animations, particles and visual effects are still very basic; don't worry, they will all be refined.
  • Some actions are not yet implemented.
  • Logins occasionally fail; this is a known issue that will be fixed soon.
  • We implemented a new water system right before the patch and it needs some touch up on the properties; will be taken care of next patch.



  • Player to Player trade.
  • Mob AI for better aggroing, and the inclusion of "threat."
  • AI to allow mobs to use special actions.
  • Integration of the teleport transportation system with factions.
  • Full implementation of the social systems (/who, friend and ignore lists, and lfg tool).
  • Bank.
  • Pets (non-combative).
  • Guilds.

jdsmith - Friday, July 24, 2009 08:55 PM