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August 07 2009- Build Notes

Click "More" for a complete list of the update notes for this version!

World and Questing

  • The Raptors of Alganon have come out of their dens.
  • New icons have been added to many items.
  • New weapon and armor appearances have been added to many items.
  • Mob templates have been updated to make mobs much more threatening. Although they still need to be balanced to account for special attacks (coming soon), they should be much closer to their planned levels of health and attack power.
  • Non-combatant pets have been brought in to the game.
  • Teleporter nodes may now have requirements to use them, like being Asharr, or having visited an area first.

User Interface

  • LFG options are now in and work in conjunction with the /who UI.
  • Friend lists & Ignore lists have been added to the social pane.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed many bugs related to client instability.
  • Made several changes to both server and client code that have improved game performance.
  • fixed a bug that caused players to be unable to see NPC's when they logged back in after having had the client crash while they were in a group.
  • Fixed a bug that caused new study options one had just acquired to not appear in one's study book until they had re-logged.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the client to freeze slightly when changing targets or casting a spell.

Known Issues

  • Many of the portals may not work as intended. The portal system is undergoing a major rebuilding in the next patch.
  • A player may log in to find that the game forgot what they were studying. This has no effect on game play, as study bonuses are not yet tied it to the game's stats.
  • One can not add people to the friend or ignore list using the name field and button at the top of those panes.


  • The DOT effects of Ether Bolt and CinderShot are not working as intended.
  • The AOE spell, Ether Blast, requires a target and displays NYI in the floating text when cast.
  • Static Shock can be cast upon one's self.
  • The spells: Focus and Elemental ward are not yet implemented.


  • Stances have not been implemented yet.

Samaxe - Friday, August 07, 2009 06:23 PM