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August 28 2009- Build Notes

Some players may find the client hangs or takes a very long time to logon and enter the world. We are aware of this issue and are working to solve the problem. Thanks for your patience and testing feed back.



UI and Game Play enhancements:


  • User Settings: Environment Detail now works
  • Avatar textures now render much more smoothly.
  • Client frame rate improvement have been added. You client should run at a much higher FPS than it did before.
  • A latency tracker has been added to the game. Hovering over the lag bar on the right of the menu bar at the bottom will show many network stats.
  • Video options now exist for turning off bloom and culling, which may help framerate on lower end machines.
  • The /stuck command has been fixed and enhanced. It now moves the player to the ground level in a random direction.
  • /random has been added to the /commands. This is for having the server generate a random number, usually used when grouping if you need to do a random roll on loot, etc.
  • The study UI has been updated.



World and Questing:


  • Vendors have been added to Goxan Max, Stone Tent, and Talia's Summoning for Kujix players. Additional players can find merchants with Tracker Daaj and Hargg Speargut in Xyjar Shag.
  • Blargwall Scarjaw is no longer disguised as an Asharr.
  • All quest rewards have had their level requirements removed.
  • Items that start quests should no longer drop if a player has the item in their inventory or has already acquired the quest.
  • Chest drop tables have been adjusted throughout the entire world. Keep an eye out for aberrations and enjoy your spoils!
  • Particles now appear on quest resources you need to collect.



Asharr quest fixes:


  • Players are no longer required to kill Skittlar before heading to Greenvale.
  • When completing the Allen Family Jewels quest Trinn Brennon will also collect the Allen Amulet.
  • Graves of Blight and Graves of Sorrow quest tracker objectives updated to avoid confusion.
  • Stolen Goods should be more common in the Bandit Thresh area.
  • Players participating in the Fueled by Fire quest will no longer be given a Cleansed Bloodgem when accepting the quest.
  • The quest Fueled by Fire will only be available to players who have completed all of the Essence quests at Harrow Temple.
  • Wexler Farmstead quest text updated (typo).
  • Head to Greenvale quest text updated (typo).
  • A Brother Lost quest text updated (typo).
  • Wooly Moth Samples should be more common.
  • Over sized Coats and Flawless Diamonds will no longer drop excessively.
  • The quest Gift from the Gods in Woodsunk now has the masthead located with the HMS Valiant rather than the Defiant.
  • The quest The Asharr Who Went Up a Hill is no longer instant complete. Old Gims is going to need a lot of help.
  • The Sun-spear of Zanyana will no longer remain in the players inventory after completing the quest Graves of Sorrow.
  • Gnollsbane now requires 10 Wool cloth rather than 10 Linen cloth.
  • Thicket Family Trust will now start and end with Perran Thicket.
  • Fires in the Darkness, intended for the Lethe Caves instance, will now require players to kill Fallen Sun Brutas before completing.
  • The Shattered Blood quest intended for the Lethe Caves instance will no longer be instant-complete.
  • Resource nodes for the quest Stolen Goods are now more plentiful.
  • The Captured Madman for A Dark Secret is no longer pathing.
  • The text error with the quest Crab Clause has been fixed.



Kujix quest fixes:


  • The quest So Far Away is now worth significantly more experience.
  • You may now only collect one Sludge Sample in The Slog for Sludge from the Slog.
  • Tracker Daaj will now start Stonehammer at the Gates rather than Togg Wallpusher.
  • Leader of the Stonehammer can now be completed by talking to Stonepriest Tarfist.
  • Lost their Minds! will no longer display invisible rewards.
  • Luuk Dirtgut will now accept the Tor Essence Cells for Power Grab.
  • You should now be able to place the spare parts inside the Jin Scarecrow for Its Alive!.
  • Heavy armor rewards for The Cult of Balam are no longer offered. This rewards has been moved to a different quest.
  • The quest Lusha on Lusha will no longer offer invisible rewards.
  • Roughneck Domination quest text updated (typo).
  • Roughneck Dross should now be inside the appropriate resource nodes.
  • Several female Talrok quest givers now have female models.
  • Talrok Brew is now available in Adrok from Cook Krajti.
  • Charred Lusha quest starting world objects are now charred models, and not tiny rocks, thus opening a new chain of quests.
  • Smart Pill resource spawns should now be more plentiful around the Chomper Nedge area.
  • Arbiter Urix has been joined by three more Blades of Ghazmok to help in his task of motivating the Ogran in Whey Runs.
  • Gorrick Cartpush and his load of Tribute Stones have managed to make significant progress towards Stone Tent, don't let him get away!
  • Acolyte Jilar and Huk Tenbrain have agreed to share the camp in Huk's Breadth. 
  • Quests involving Bonfires on the Golden Shore should now work as intended.
  • Night Bloom can now be harvested in the marhsy areas around Goxan Hakk.
  • A new quest chain has been added to Togg Wallpusher outside of Xyjar Shag. Players on their first trip to Adrok should be eligible for participation.
  • Numerous quests have been added for Kujix in the level 1-10 range.
  • Kujix players will no longer be left with Daisy's Brains after completing the quest "A Terrible Thing to Waste".
  • Boss Jin will now giver players the quest "Nidgit Petting Zoo".
  • A phantom reward has been removed from the quest Stolen Scryings.
  • Level 10 quests involving Lusha in the Golden Shore area will now direct you to the proper end point.
  • A phantom reward has been removed from the quest Lost Their Minds!
  • Lighting the bonfires in Golden Shores should now lead you down the coast; the player will not be required to return to the previous Bonfire.
  • Players should now be able to interact with the ceremonial pike for the Roughneck Domination quest.
  • Foreman Lugfist has been causing trouble near the Slide Mines in Xyjar Shag, it may be wise to take care of him once and for all.
  • Investogator Verj no longer offers quests relating to the Balamkarr instances. They have been moved to Arbiter Xux in Stone Tent.
  • The quest Enter the Avatar has been reworked and is no longer instant complete.
  • Smart Pills are now concentrated in the Chomper Nedge area of Xanjuis Plains.
  • A phantom reward has been removed from the quest Scavenger Hunt.
  • Quests from Yak and Ralf in Adrok should now be available to players of the appropriate level.
  • Multiple bags have been added as quest rewards in Xyjar Shag (yay!).
  • Surinas the Wise is no longer friendly; in fact he is quite the opposite.
  • Players will now be able to use the Uncharged Stone at Balams Thumb for the quest Power of Balam.
  • The Innkeeper in Adrok now sells the Talrok Brew for the quest Liquid Courage.
  • Instructions on where to find the Stonegnaw Raptor Blood for the quest War Paint have been improved.
  • Players will now be able to collect Night Bloom for the quest Something in the Water.



Spawn changes in Xanjuis Plains:


  • Direwing Rok spawns around Talia's Summoning have been increased.
  • Panthor has been separated from his master and should be easier to track down.
  • Creatures in Xas Snag will no longer spawn inside boulders and walls.
  • The Venombarb Gutburster respawn rate has been reduced and should no longer be a nuisance when attempting to interact with Elbin's remains.
  • Feral Plains Dogs have been removed from Investigator Verj and Ogg Firegrabber's camps.
  • Duststrike Rok spawns around Huk's Breadth have been increased.
  • Green Waterwitch spawns around Amarr Temple have been greatly increased.
  • Lusha Raider's are no longer a threat to the Ogran at Taxa Tor.
  • Tuckclaw Weaponsmith spawns have been increased around Ashkaz Stoneyard.
  • Riv Stonechipper's respawn time has been slowed down.
  • The Taxa Jin fields have been overhauled.
  • Trapjaw Chomper spawns have been increased in the areas around Phenos.



Spawn changes in Asheran Forest


  • Grok Ruins in Hale Pines has received a new spawn. Mudbone Poachers should be easier to find.
  • Corrupted Wisp spawns around The Great Mossy Tree have been increased.
  • The spawn rate of bandits around Bandit Thresh has been decreased.
  • Muckpriest spawns around The Great Mossy Tree have been increased.



Bug Fixes:


  • Players should be able to harvest quest objectives that appeared to be missing. They were actually there, but only 4 pixels high. This bug has been fixed.
  • Two bugs were fixed that were stopping players from opening chests and collecting many quest objectives.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the quest icon over quest givers head to appear gray when they actually had quest to give.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some quests to not appear in a quest giver's dialog. Players should now be able to see all the quest available to them.
  • Moon now visible in Upper Whey
  • Text on map fixed
  • Fixed a bug related to selling items to a vendor
  • Vendor UI now uses all slots on the UI. They were skipping the last two before.
  • Fixed many client crash bugs
  • A significant number of server crash bugs have been fixed.
  • We've made a lot of progress with fixing the lag. Players should now see improved performance in crowded areas.
  • The server now processes movement for every NPC in the game world (10,000+) about 8 times every second. Previously it was about once every 1-2 seconds
  • CPU total throttles at approximately 20-30%. Previously it was 90-95%
  • CPU load spikes on the server have smoothed out to near 0.
  • The efficiency and speed of internal message packing and message passing has been hugely improved. Players should now see improved performance in crowded areas.



Known Issues:


  • The Submit Mechanic is still in development - currently you kill first, ask questions never.
  • Quests which require interacting with a world object, such as Roughneck Domination, often fail. Please continue to /bug them.
  • Many player actions will only function as if they were rank one, even though you may cast a rank two or three spell. This will be fixed with the next patch.
  • The Healer's Word of Healing has a delayed animation. The healing effect still works on time.
  • Ranger's Slowing Toxin is not working.
  • Mail has been only partly implemented, though you can pull up a UI on some mailboxes the system is still in production.
  • Occasionally when one dies, their ghost will not go back to the nearest resurrection stone but will stay were they are. When this happens it can be confusing because you will not see your corpse and will not be given an option to resurrect right away. Just move around in the area where you died and a resurrection option will appear in seconds.
  • Nidgits have an unusually high chest drop rate.

EndBringer - Friday, August 28, 2009 11:11 PM