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October 12 2009- Build Notes

Welcome to Patch

UI and Game Play enhancements.








  • Character creation options now disable when you are submitting a new character.
  • When you create a new character, it will be the default character when you go back to the character selection screen.
  • Double clicking a study in the study window will now attempt to start studying it, or will try to add it to your queue.
  • Self-cast actions should now be usable with or without a target selected. Note: There is a known issue with the hot bar showing red when no target is selected for actions which are always self-cast, but the action can still be used.
  • Quest rewards will now show red if they are not usable by you.
  • Double clicking items in your study queue will attempt to remove them from the queue.
World enhancements








  • Guild Registrars in the major cities should now offer guild charters.
  • Since guild tabard design is on the Guild G tab, NPCs with the description (Tabard Designer) have temporarily been renamed. They will likely gain the title of (Tabard Vendor) when Guild Tabards are ready.
Trade skills








  • Minimum Skill-level required for many gathering skills has been reduced.
  • Skinning now has a button in the Actions Book P that allows for the refining of gathered items.
Bug fixes








  • Fixed a bug that caused a study to not start if it was queued instead of started.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing some stats to not be updated when gear was equipped.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a server crash when a spawned mob calls for help from a fixed npc.
  • Fixed a bug with trade that caused an item to be lost if the trade target had a full inventory.
  • Fixed issues with non-combat pets that were causing server crashes, as well as set a limit on the number of non-combat pets you may have out at any given time.
  • Fixed a bug that caused someone to be able to make all other players get an error message in certain instances.
  • The Invite and Friend buttons in the /who interface is now functional.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented stats from appearing in the comparison item tool tip.
  • Buyback items no longer have an extra number in their upper corners.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes changed your skin color.
  • Updated the display of some composite effects.
  • Fixed an issue with the grass in Hale Pines appearing black.
  • Fixed a bug that kept an elixir from reporting it's type correctly to the combat chat window.
  • Fixed a number of other minor issues and behaviors in regards to character creation.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented you from being targetable when dismounting a mount.
  • Several typos fixed in quest text.

EndBringer - Monday, October 12, 2009 02:08 PM