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October 17 2009- Build Notes

Welcome to Patch

UI and Game Features:








  • The option for Multiple action bars have been added to the UI.
  • Decreased the time it takes for character selection screen to load.
  • Made several updates to improve the performance of the Studies UI.
Classes and Combat:








  • Attacks made with an offhand weapon while dual wielding now deal 50% less damage.
  • Soldier
    • New soldiers now start with Shield Slam instead of Assault.
    • Assault is now first acquired at level 29, but otherwise is unchanged.
  • New Soldier actions:
    • Focused Strike
  • Magus
    • One rank has been removed from Lightning Bolt. Players now first acquire this spell at level 9.
    • Flamebolt now costs 29% of your base focus, up from 24%.
    • Etherbolt now costs 24% of your base focus, up from 17%.
    • Inflame's tooltip has been fixed.
    • Inflame's cooldown has been increased to 15 seconds, up from 10.
    • Frostbite now costs 21% of your base focus, up from 19%.
    • Lightning Bolt now costs 23% of your base focus, up from 21%.
  • New Healer actions:
    • Resurrection
    • Rebirth
    • Touch of Ignorance
    • Darkside
    • Blessed Embrace
    • Divine Aura
  • New Ranger actions:
    • Cover Shot
    • Healing Mist
    • Resuscitate
    • Mock
World and Questing:








  • Xanjuix Karr has additional crafting materials vendors added.
  • Continued rebalancing of many creatures, please continue to report any issues you find.
  • Items level 30-50 rebalanced to match new actions.
  • When an NPC has multiple options for you to selection from, completed quests will now appear with a $ icon in front of it instead of sharing the ! icon with available quests.
  • Asharr Quests:
    • Buckeye Boulder has been moved to a more accessible location in Andar Crossing.
  • Kujix Quests:
    • Nine new quests added to levels 20-22.
  • Asharr NPC's:
    • Orvan Apgar should be a little more accessible than he was previously.
Bug Fixes:








  • A bug was fixed with guild charter signatures - the target user would not receive a request for a signature of your charter was not in your main backpack
  • Many server stability issues were fixed
  • Fixed a bug that was causing an indefinite lock to be placed on resource nodes.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed healers to heal party members while out of range.
  • Fixed various animations and special effects.
  • Added a self-casting ability to the remainder of the beneficial spells.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Rugged Yell to do negative damage.
  • Fixed appearance of objects in the world.
  • Fixed bugs that caused objects to disappear when facing them.
  • Fixed the rotation on character at character selection screen.
  • Fixed action names of certain actions in the combat log.
Known Issues




  • Signed Guild charters need to be held in one's main backpack in order to be turned in.
  • One can not begin studying newly acquired categories of knowledge. This will be hot fixed soon.
  • Player resurrection actions are not working at this time.
  • The lowest rank of Lightning Bolt is gone, but wasn't removed from the spell book/action bar in the payer's data base, also assault was made into a high level action but not removed from players that already had it. Neither of these will work if you have them.

EndBringer - Saturday, October 17, 2009 03:38 PM