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October 28 2009- Build Notes

Welcome to Patch

UI and Game Play enhancements

  • The player's ability books now have a reset button that will unassign all your ability points! Enjoy playing and testing different builds (the soldier and healer are fully implemented, the magus and ranger are soon to come.)
  • Players are now limited to learning only two crafting skills.

  • Soldier abilities are implemented

New Soldier actions:

  • Hook (w/ Anchor)
  • Epicenter (w/ Resonance & Aftershock)
  • Taunt
  • Rite of Blood
  • Power Shout
  • Lockup
  • Cry Havok (w/ Prepared for Glory)
  • Protection stance
  • Tactical stance
  • Weaponry stance
World and Questing

  • New Quest content has been added in the 30-50 range. More will continue to be added over the next few days.
  • XP requirements for levels 30-50 have been adjusted to provide more variation, and a less linear progression.
  • Multiple visual effects and animations have been updated.
  • Hoogap Sprog have had their appearances upgraded.
  • Difficulty balancing continues. Please continue to provide feedback on the forums.
Bug Fixes

  • Improved the way the client makes port connections with the server. This will solve many client connection issues.
  • Fixed Lasting Faith to properly extend the duration of Shield of Faith.
  • Fixed direct heal calculation to include spellpower.
  • Updated the tooltip for Touch of Life.
  • Fixed Darkside to use the correct action (was using Touch of Harming.)
  • Multiple quest lines have been fixed.
  • An issue that was causing guild bank item loss on item swap within a guild bank tab was resolved
Known Issues

  • There are a few issues with using the Bank Vaults. These issues will be corrected in the next patch.
  • Players are limited to two crafting skills, but the unlearn feature is not working at the moment.
  • We are correcting the rendering of some mounts and their animations.

EndBringer - Wednesday, October 28, 2009 06:16 PM