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October 30 2009- Build Notes

Welcome to Patch

Special Event

The Woe-bringers of Vakgarr are celebrating the Day of the Great Change. Smash Doomgourds for fun and prizes! They can be found in starting towns and the capital cites.

Important note on shared bank

There was a bug before where items added to the shared bank were actually added to the DB as if they were another character bank shelf. When you log into a character that has an item that is supposed to be in the shared bank, it will move items that are showing as in the shared bank to actually be in the shared bank. So once you log in and back out, you can log in with a diff char and will then see the shared bank items.

Classes and Game play

  • A new study was added- Martial Discipline. Players wanting an increased chance to skill-up their weapons should take a look at this study.
  • Healer's Touch of Healing has had its cost increased to 34% of your base focus, up from 17%.
  • Healer's Word of Healing has had its cost increased to 24% of your base focus, up from 12%.
  • Soldiers have two new actions: Cover, and Cleave
Bug fixes

  • Your "Text Overlay" option setting will now correctly save when you log out.
  • Corpse will no longer disappear on you after you die and are running back to them.
  • Most bank bugs fixed, with the exception of one or two dealing with guild bank permissions.
  • Equipping a 2H weapon will remove the bonuses from the auto-unequipped offhand item
  • Fixed an issue where Healer Touch of Life wasn't refunding the correct amount of Focus per Divine Favor point.
  • Fixed an issue with Momentum that was granting too much block rating.
  • Fixed the animations on various buff spells.
  • Fixed a situation where Soldier Pain Tolerance was causing massive damage to the player after it expired.
  • Fixed an issue with Momentum which took away more than the intended amount of block value at the end of the effect.
  • Fixed an issue with Momentum that wasn't granting the correct amount of block value.
  • Fixed the animation and visual effect for Epicenter.
  • Fixed the anger cost reduction and threat addition for Hateful Strikes.
  • Many AOE actions no longer require a target.
Known issues

  • One can unlearn a trade skill to learn another, but upon logging out and back in you will still have the skill you unlearned. This makes it possible to learn any number of trade skills.
  • Guild bank permissions currently given to all members.
  • Items placed in the guild bank may not be properly displaying for all players. Items are not, however, getting lost or deleted.

EndBringer - Friday, October 30, 2009 07:37 PM