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December 03 2009- Build Notes
Welcome to patch
Known issues
  • (Windowed Mode) Resizing the game screen while the game is processing a previous resize can result in a crash.
Gameplay enhancements and Game balance
  • Continued rebalance of monsters, including a damage rebalance on choice mobs and now display proper magical resistances.
  • Items that are group lootable (like the Andar Bloodgem off Sprogsnarg) will now correctly let everyone in the group loot the item.
  • /afk and /dnd are now functional. Type "/afk" or "/afk Some message" to toggle yourself as afk, and "/afk" again to turn it off. It will show a tag after your name, for nearby players, and do an auto-reply if someone whispers you.
  • Actions which launch secondary effects on multiple targets now work correctly. For instance, Cone of Cold now puts Frozen Blood on all hit targets, Rugged Yell now puts the buff effect on all party members.
Class Changes and Combat enhancements


  • Touch of Healing's base value has been halved across all ranks.
  • All resurrection spells now have a confirmation dialog box before the resurrection completes.
  • Darkside now correctly splits the damage dealt between each tick of the DoT effect.


  • Soldier Disable now working as intended.


  • Reload now reports the refunded focus in the combat log.
  • Ranged auto-attack now turn off when you are no longer facing your target.
Bug fixes
  • Mother Jorin now answers the question you ask, so Asharr players can complete the Word of the Dawn daily.
  • Crusader Jinn has calmed down a bit and no longer offers some Dawning quests too early.
  • Rewards for several Dawning quests were increased, and many Dawning-related items that were hidden from the library were unveiled.
  • Several exploits fixed.
  • All items that are not actually bound to you (like Bind on Equip items that you have not equipped yet) will now be sellable in the auction house.
  • Studies will no longer sometimes appear to 'stall' at completion time.
  • Fixed some situations in which you could get stuck in combat, including when using Shatter.
  • Loot drop rates should now match the rates displayed in the Library.
  • Boss Hok's Greataxe and the Black Edged Axe now use proper two-handed axe models.
  • Tough Catskin Hauberk has had its icon changed to a chest piece.
  • Fixed a bug that caused players to not be resurrectable if out of range of their corpses.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause players to be sent to the wrong death stone.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause severe latency when a player was not alive.
  • Added confirmation on /ignore operations.
  • Asharr and Kujix Trade channels are no longer linked.

Amnarious - Thursday, December 03, 2009 07:46 PM