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January 07 2010- Build Notes
Welcome to Patch
Known Issues
  • The sheathed position for a weapon doesn't work if the player has a ranged weapon equipped, or if they are a Talrok. Sorry guys, we'll get you next time.
Bug Fixes
  • The Quest Helper now tracks waypoints correctly across continents.
  • Stacked items in the auction house will now display correctly at all times.
  • Tradeskill recipes that are "green" in difficulty have the proper chance to provide a skill up point.
  • The Lore text for Race, Class, and Family now displays without being highlighted when the player loads the Character Creation screen.
  • The Change Realm text when viewed at 1920x1200 resolution has been fixed to display properly.
  • Wolvenar wolves now have a longer chase range.
  • The Loading Screen will now maintain its proper aspect ratio.
  • Characters no longer swim above the water.
  • Players will no longer crash when returning to the Main Menu from the Character Select screen.
  • Sammen Quinn is selling his wares again in the Asheran Battlement District.
  • The Faint Spark's nameplate now properly displays above the MOBs body.
  • All varieties of the Forged Steel Blade now display their correct damage range of 17-24.
  • Players who enter an incorrect password or Account Name will no longer be disconnected at the Login Screen.
  • Corrected a number of typos in game data.
  • The page arrows in the Auction House now point in the correct directions.
  • NPCs no longer wander off from their set paths.
  • All players will now see resource nodes.
  • Server stability was improved.
  • An issue was fixed that prevented some players from entering the game.
Gameplay Enhancements and Game Balance
  • Melee weapons will now display on the player's back or at their side when they perform emotes or mount. (A key binding to sheath weapons will come in a future patch.)
  • The server-wide Help Channel was added for players who need advice and help. Players wanting to ask or answer questions in the Help Channel can do so by typing the channel number (normally /4 for Help but it may change if in a city or other area) before their message.
  • A Fruit Sauce recipe (Novice Crafting 180) was added.
  • We have updated the Abilities Window UI. Check it out!
  • The Bloodraider Pirates have now changed their names to Bloodreaver Pirates. They think it sounds more menacing.
  • Snatching Satchels - The quest items now spawn in the correct amount, making the quest completable.
  • The End is Near - The DAYSIX Armorer now drops the DAYSIX Strongbox Key every time he is defeated.
  • Mending - This quest now correctly requires a Bolt of Silk.
Class Changes


  • Ethereal Mark's debuff icon will now display on an enemy throughout the spell's duration.


  • Putting points into Master Predator now correctly updates its tooltip.
  • Torrent will now select mobs near the player's target for its effect.

Amnarious - Thursday, January 07, 2010 10:50 AM