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January 28 2010- Build Notes

Welcome to Patch!

Known Issues
  • The Kujix Quest, Power Up!, lists its target as 'Unknown'.
Bug Fixes
  • New PAK system for reduction in load times, particularly loading to login screen.
  • Fixes to rendering of NPCs (missing/invisible) and world objects (fixed flickering between areas/segments).
  • The underlying network layer of Alganon has been changed from UDP to TCP, along with a rewrite of the application layer handling of the network.
  • Connections to the server are now much more stable and reliable and should fix the constant disconnects and connection problems a significant number of players have been experiencing.
  • The Asheran Salvaging Trainer, Ben Kess, now offers training again.
  • Fixed a number of issues where players were sent to inconvenient death stones.
  • Faction-only quests started from items will no longer allow the opposite faction to accept the quest when obtaining the item.
  • The Who List is no longer populated with saved names after logging out and back in with a different character.
  • The Human Male no longer slides to the side when performing his idle animation.
  • Corrected multiple seams in the world mesh.
  • P layers should no longer find themsel ves fall ing through stairs in the capital cities.
  • Items will no longer visually disappear when attempting to trade with a full inventory.
  • Players will no longer display more than once in the Guild UI upon being invited into a guild.
  • The item shown in the "Need Before Greed" roll window should now always display as the correct item being rolled for.
  • Purchasing recipes while a different profession's crafting window is open will no longer incorrectly add the recipe to the open window.
  • Various crashes have been fixed.
  • Skix Fumigators should now react properly when attacked.
  • The Steel Shortblade is now a one-handed weapon.
  • Players can now properly salvage Red Brass Scale Boots and the Safari Bandoleer belt.
  • Crafting the Bronze Bastard Sword now uses the correct amount of Copper Ingots.
  • Improved Server Stability.
  • Players no longer get stuck when leaving the Inn in Phenos.
  • Mobs with no loot no longer take a player's loot chance in the round robin loot rules.
  • Mob aggro is now 3D aware. This means if you are in an area with bridges or ramps, mobs walking underneath you won't aggro on you anymore.
  • Players can no longer skin a mob multiple times.
  • Friendly mobs will no longer assist mobs in killing you. This means friendly Nazrun NPCs will no longer kill you if you pull a mob too close to them!
  • Fixed Mob movement, Mobs will no longer warp to the player.
Gameplay Enhancements and Game Balance
  • Shift-clicking on an item while the chat entry box is open will add a link to the item that other playes can click on to see the item tooltip.
  • Many beasts throughout the world have learned new tricks.
  • Undead have gained new powers from the building Wrath energy in the world.
  • The Skitter of the world have evolved.
  • Mouse Button 3 and 4 are now mappable key bindings.
  • Various footstep sound effects have been added to reflect the type of ground the player is walking on.
  • Recasting buffs now properly resets the buff's timer.
  • The Ranks tab of the Guild UI will now show the total number of players with the corresponding rank.
  • Vanna in Phenos has made a career change and is now a Salvaging trainer instead of a Magus trainer.
  • Items that teach mounts now give a description of the relative speed of the mount.
  • Bloodfern spawns in Xanjuis Plains have been increased by a very small amount while we work on finding the bug that keeps them from spawning as designed.
  • Smoldering Essence can now be found in the world. A few select fires in Andar/Xyjar and Greenvale/Adrok can provide these for low level players, but there is a long wait between spawns. Higher level players will want to go to Xon Gar, where they are abundant. If you are lucky, you can also extract them from elementals throughout the world.
  • Players can now scroll back through previously sent messages by holding ALT and pressing the up/down arrow key.
  • The chat text entry cursor can now be moved using the arrow keys and/or mouse click to allow easier editing of chat messages.
  • Coven Bonecallers have started carrying around loot and coin.
  • Made improvements to the Loot Tables in Haggon Shores and Teldis.
  • Players can now move items between their bank and inventory by right clicking on them.
  • Players can no longer equip items directly from the bank.
  • Dark Father - Bloodtusk Patriarch's Head is now lootable by a group.
  • Taxation Without Representation - This quest now has correct spawns.
  • Turning in a collection quest will no longer display an update stating that the player has "0" of the collection items.
  • Soldiers of Fortune - This quest now correctly refers to Bloodreaver Pirates.
  • Dampstone Mobs should now be attackable even after completing the 'Not What They Seem' quest and exiting the game.
  • Marshlight Wisps for the quests 'Face Paint' and 'Magic Potion' can now properly be engaged in combat.
  • New Kujix quests have been added in the 37-39 level range. Players can seek out Karziux in Xanjuix Karr. Asharr will receive additional quests in an upcoming patch.
  • The Daysix Armorer has moved closer to his friends at Thok'gatar.
  • The following quests should now properly update when defeating the required enemies:
    • Curtains for the Creepers
    • Death to the Duskhowl
    • Exponential Multiplication
    • Man's Best Friend
    • Serpent Eggs
    • Toxic Pets
    • Skeeters
Class Changes


  • Epicenter now costs 25 anger (up from 20) and deals 50% of your attack power in damage (down from 75%).The threat has been increased by a moderate amount.
  • Epicenter now has an 8 second cooldown.
  • Shield Slam now costs 15 anger (down from 25).
  • Bellowing Challenge is now a separate action from Taunt.
  • Rush now has an animation.


  • Shield of Faith now absorbs damage from spell actions.
  • Quickening, in the Divination Tree, has been changed to provide casting haste to Touch of Life. (Previously affected Embrace of Confusion).


  • Numb now absorbs damage from spell actions.
  • Stormshock's effect now correctly breaks when targets take damage.


  • Point Blank Shot now uses the damage type of equipped ammo.
  • New quests have been added for low level rangers to acquire appropriately leveled elemental arrows.
  • Predation now increases your ranged attack speed by 4% per rank, granting 20% increased speed at maximum rank. The chance of gaining the effect has also increased.
  • Reload redesigned. Now reduces the delay between basic ranged attacks by one second while affected by Predator's Presence.

Amnarious - Thursday, January 28, 2010 05:05 PM