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March 15 2010- Build Notes

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Bug Fixes
  • The bag icon for 4 Slot Pouch now displays correctly in the Bag UI.
  • Warden's Pauldrons now list properly in the Auction House.
  • Riding a mount into water will now dismount the player.
  • The quest log now updates when players sell quest items.
  • Characters will no longer display half underground when casting from a mount.
  • UI scaling will no longer effect the Main Menu and Character Select screens.
  • Vicious Boots now have a more appropriate stats.
  • Fixed a rare error that disallowed players to loot items without using Auto Loot.
  • Fixed a number of LUA errors throughout the game.
  • The quest list no longer remains on screen after disabling it in Interface Options.
  • The Quest tracker now allows the player to set up to # quests to track.
  • Typed text will no longer extend beyond the chat field.
  • The Salvage Hammer icon will no longer stick to the cursor until and item is clicked on.
  • Head equipment should display in its proper filter in the Auction House.
  • An empty tooltip box no longer displays when mousing over an action icon in a Class Trainer window.
  • Mul'tha's Flute is now a usable wand.
  • Players can now learn purchased recipes for Alchemy or patterns for Tailoring.
  • Players will now be able to edit the Guild M OTD, instead of having to start from scratch each time they open the interface.
  • The font size will no longer randomly change to 8.
  • The item "Purdy Shoes" can now be destroyed.
  • Shade Walker's Boots now have their proper level requirement.
  • Fixed a number of holes in Alganon's world mesh.
  • Players now receive proper experience for killing a Plains Buck in Windy Plains.
  • Sand crabs now give the correct amount of experience points and drop loot.
  • Fixed a number of 'floating' meshes.
  • The 'At War' option in the Reputation tab now stays checked when players click on it.
  • Trainers will no longer rearrange their list when players purchase a Recipe or Action from them.
  • Floogspits's satellite map can now be completed.
  • The game no longer crashes when moving a stack of any consumable onto the action bar right as a new one is about to finish crafting.
  • Embossed Leather Patch now gives +7 Endurance and has a level requirement of Level 26.
  • 2H weapons now use the correct skill type when calculating hit result.
  • Taunt actions will no longer have no effect, and taunted NPCs will now focus on the taunter for the duration of the effect. However, all taunts now have a chance of being resisted.
  • The Immolation study now correctly increases fire spellpower.
  • All actions, abilities, and studies that affect stat percentages now add rating points appropriate to the player level to give the same benefit. This should eliminate all known statistic anomalies such as drinking a potion causing the player to lose the benefit of a percentage buff.
  • Many NPC monster actions have been improved and/or fixed.
  • Ranged NPCs such as Gnolls that can't equip weapons now use a magical ranged attack with an appropriate casting animation.
  • Grave Howl should no longer occasionally cause outrageous damage.
  • The Sandsong Treasure Map now drops from the Sandsong Runner.
  • Gnoll End of Trouble - The quest now correctly states to travel to Skinner's Hut.
  • Earth to Sky - The quest now correctly lists the name of the turn in NPC.
  • F.E.D. Extracts - This quest will no longer point to an Unknown Target. - Data
  • Wax Sealed Documents - The Bandit Documents for this quest now stack.
  • Nasty Revenge - The Graniteskull Smoker Box ground spawn now displays properly at its waypoint.
  • Whispers of Spiritsting - A waypoint now displays for this quest.
  • The Keystone - The world object for this quest now displays properly.
Gameplay Enhancements and Game Balance
  • World Bosses have appeared in Alganon!
  • Buffs and Debuffs now persist through character sessions!
  • Armor Durability and Decay have been implemented. Players will lose a small amount of durability when taking damage, 10% when defeated, and 30% upon using a Death Stone to resurrect.
  • Made improvements to the landing animation of jumping characters.
  • Animation blending has been implemented, go ahead, wave from a mount. Just don't fall off.
  • The User Interface has received an overhaul. The various peices can be moved and customized. These elements can be locked in the Interface Options.
  • Made improvements to camera control to prevent it from going through some problematic meshes.
  • Weapons not in use now hang at the player's back and sides. Sheathing and unsheathing now has a proper animation assigned to it.
  • Added Parry and Dodge animations
  • The Creator's name will now display in the tooltip for player-made items.
  • Ranged shots from wands have now been slowed down a bit.
  • NPCs will now correctly parry and dodge attacks.
Class Changes


  • Touch of Healing's tooltip has been adjusted to display a more accurate healing range.
  • The visual effect from Shield of Faith will now be removed when it ends or is consumed when this is placed on a target other than the Healer.
  • Healers can no longer Dual Wield.


  • Call of the Storm again correctly jumps to new targets.
  • Chained Lightning now correctly affects up to 3 targets.
  • Fire Affinity now grants additional focus regeneration.
  • Spells cast while in Storm Affinity now have a chance to grant focus.


  • Removed an extra miss combat chat message from Ranger Point Blank Shot.
  • Sweep now stuns the target for the correct amount of time when used with Power Sweeper.
  • Changing gear no longer causes Predator's Presence to drop.


  • Guard Breaker now adds the correct number of Rating Points based on the block amount statistic.
  • The Soldier ability Shield Storm now has a visual effect.
  • Aggravated Assault no longer remains on a Soldier after respeccing.

Amnarious - Monday, March 15, 2010 07:40 PM