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May 20 2009- Build Notes
Client Update -

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  • Power regen for the magus/healer has been fixed
  • Fixed some issues with the /bug UI
  • Fixed several issues with studies that would either make the studies UI stop working, or cause a crash.
  • Fixed some bugs with looting.
  • The Track Quest checkbox on the quest log UI has been fixed.
  • Fixed numerous crash bugs, both on the client and the server!
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing the looting of resources, both for harvesting, and for quests that required you to open an object in the world.
  • Vendors will no longer buy items of no value, such as quest items.
  • Buy & selling items will no longer cause your money to go to negative.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent deleting some items.
  • Bug fixed that happened when turning in quests with a full inventory.
  • Looting while in a group has been fixed
  • Make some minor improvements to the action based particles.
  • Entity event sounds should now trigger (such as Idle, Aggro, Ouch, etc)
  • /who will now reflect the level of other players correctly. Before it just showing the level when they logged in without accounting for when their level changed.
  • Added the 2560x1600 resolution option
  • Key binding UI is in. This is the first pass at it, but it should be functional.
  • Additional armor and weapon appearances added
  • New area sounds and music added to multiple areas
  • The Quest Tracker UI has been added.
  • Magus/Healer regen should be much faster than before.
  • Some changes made to magus balancing with more to come!

Berek - Wednesday, May 20, 2009 06:59 AM