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March 16 2010- Build Notes HOTFIX

Welcome to the Hotfix! HOTFIX
  • Durability Repair costs have been significantly lowered.
  • Players will no longer incur durability loss until level 10.
  • The World Boss Respawn timer has been shortened.
  • The World Bosses are now correctly immune to the following player actions:
    Magus's Paralyze
    Ranger's Point Blank Shot
    Soldier's Hook
    Soldier's Eye for an Eye
  • The /stuck command will no longer teleport players to The Snog when used in certain areas.
Known Issues
  • Despite the above change to durability loss before level 10, the Death Stone respawn message still states that the player is losing 30% Durability. Disregard this message if you are under level 10.

Amnarious - Tuesday, March 16, 2010 02:48 PM