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April 28 2010- Build Notes

Welcome to!

New Features in 2.0!
  • Instances have been unlocked! Howling Foothills near the Grok Ruins, The Temple of Balam'karr near Balam's Thumb, Lethe Caves in the Green Mountains, Bur Clasp in The Burs, Lusha'aton off the Golden Shore, and Warkfiend Karr at Telduxx Tower.
  • Where monthly subscriptions once stood, the Tribute Market is now available. Purchase tribute online or in-game and use it to receive gifts from the gods that can unlock studies, grant unique mounts and pets, and much more.
  • A new visual rendering style, Vignette, is now being used, players can turn this off if they prefer in the Video Options.
  • Mob pathfinding has been updated throughout Harraja.
  • The in-game UI has received a makeover, with improved artwork and various tweaks to improve usability.
  • Alganon.com has received an overhaul to match the new in-game UI.
Known Issues
  • We have implemented a new pathfinding mechanic for mobs. There are a few issues that will cause some mobs to behave improperly. We're working to get these resolved as soon as possible.
Gameplay Enhancements, Content, and Game Balance
  • The Temples of Argon and Xukiss will now await players who create new characters.
  • Improved camera collision.
  • Buffs will now persist through play sessions.
  • Players can now split item stacks in the guild bank by Shift-clicking on the item.
  • Time-stamping is now available in the Chat Logs.
  • The Daily Quest counter has returned and displays under the Quest counter.
  • New Starter Experience camera path with voice over.
  • The Family descriptions now have scrollbars, allowing players to read all of the lore behind the various families of Alganon.
  • The Guild Invite character limit has been increased to 16.
  • Players can now purchase stackable items in stacks by shift-clicking on the item, and purchase full stacks by ctrl-clicking.
  • Improved Server stability.
  • The Library, Support Ticket, and Market now have a Loading Screen.
  • Removed Thrown weapons from Alganon, these were not intended for release.
  • Most UI windows now automatically shift to the right when in a party to keep Party information visible and easy to see.
  • Vendors now sort their goods alphabetically.
  • Wandering Merchants now stop for a longer time to allow players to complete their transactions.
  • Support Tickets will now auto-fill the character name with the character currently being played (if applicable).
  • Scaling changes have been made on many mobs in Alganon.
  • Improved the display of explored areas on the map.
Bug Fixes
  • Players can no longer select 'Follow' from a party member dropdown, they must do it from a target dropdown.
  • Players will no longer be sent to the Xyjar Death Stone after dieing near a Realm Border in the Xanjuis Plains.
  • Players will no longer be able to receive coin and loot from an infinite distance.
  • Items no longer become locked when the player wins a Need Before Greed roll with a full inventory.
  • The Tariq's Summoning Bindstone is now working properly.
  • Wand Specialization now properly increases wand damage.
  • The character will no longer run in water after using various actions while swimming.
  • The Pauldrons of Legends are now available in Alganon.
  • The Economics and Bartering Dynamics studies can now be learned from the General Studies trainers in the Capital Cities.
  • Hew and Cry now properly unlocks after learning its prerequisite.
  • Dunesteel-thread Robes are now correctly equipped to the player's chest.
  • Mark of the Kujix is now a Bind on Pickup item.
  • Novice Crafting: Bloodfern Mutation now correctly makes Pressed Clover.
  • Spikethrower Bow is now listed as a Bow(Ranged) weapon.
  • Herbalism: Bloodfern will no longer randomly require 125 skill.
  • The Bindstone at Silverwar's Outpost now works properly.
  • Fixed a bug when multiple copies of an item were adjacent to one another in the Shared bank, moving one would make the others stop displaying.
  • The player will no longer receive a LUA error when pressing Shift+C while not typing in a chat field.
  • The Packmother will now remain dead long enough for the player to loot her corpse.
  • Glyphed Leaftender's Staff of Faith is now a MainHand staff, instead of OffHand.
  • Bloodtusk Ravagers now give HUD reputation when killed.
  • Bendraj of Hazzan HUD is now neutral toward the Asharr.
  • Fixed various typos in the text throughout Alganon.
  • Spirit Wand of Faith now correctly functions as a ranged weapon.
  • Group Loot Rule text now displays correctly.
  • /AFK will now correctly mark the player as 'Away from Keyboard'.
  • Character will now dismount when they attack a mob.
  • Arcane Essence now correctly increases the character's essence resistance.
  • Ranged mobs will now stay at range and attack the player, instead of closing the distance.
  • Alchemy: Tincture of Coordination is no longer part of the initial Alchemy package and can be learned later when the player can create it.
  • The player will no longer receive an error when they right click on an empty bag slot.
  • The player will no longer receive an error when they press the key bound to 'chat button'.
  • Fixed various seams in textures and breaks in the world geometry
  • Reaver's Scimitar now displays its damage range correctly.
  • Made improvements to Mob Pathing.
  • Chests will no longer fall through meshes.
  • Whispering a % will no longer display an error.
  • Debuffs and Buffs are now on seperate lines when the player adds or receives either.
  • Herb Nodes no longer display sideways.
  • Updated skill levels will now display properly if the skill window is open.
  • Bits of grass will no longer display black or as black squares.
  • Salvaging a stack of Junked Obsidian Parts now correctly salvages just one of the items at a time.
  • Brought many of our floating objects down to earth.
  • Alchemy Daily Quests unlocked by Studies are now available from the Master Alchemist in the Capital Cities.
  • Players will no longer be stuck in the mount animation if dismounted while casting.
  • NPCs will no longer randomly stand partially in the ground in Asheran.
  • The map will now fill in for Floogspits.
  • The Study Trainer will no longer show already known items unless the filter is selected.
  • Game Tips will no longer be obscured by a loading bar.
  • Trading with a full inventory no longer causes the items to appear gone.
  • Fixed the bug in which attacks will cause 0 damage to a random mob.
  • The quest helper will now properly be removed when disabled in the interface options menu.
  • Mobs now play their proper animation associated with a ranged attack.
  • Rebalanced the mobs in Sandsong Temple.
  • The Bindstone in Camp Norvale now functions properly.
  • The Guild Members page will now display the proper level of all members.
  • Trainers no longer rearrange their list after every purchase.
  • Players are now dismounted when they ride their mounts into water.
  • Wicked Skitter Scythe now displays Level 3 as its Level Requirement.
  • The Salvage Hammer will no longer stay on the cursor until an item is clicked on.
  • Improved animation blending.
  • Improved collision throughout Alganon.
  • * Gathering Nodes now give skill ups after skill level 30.
  • The Keystone - The Keystone Carving model now faces the correct direction.
  • Glittering Trinkets - The world objects for this quest will no longer become unlootable.
  • Magic Potion - Added the Bullhog Hoof and Coated Glass Vial into Alganon for this quest.
  • Pained Souls - The corpses needed for this quest can now be found in Alganon, just follow the quest tracker.
  • Ogran Ale - The quest tracker for this quest has been fixed, and the spawns have been increased.
  • Serious Business - The Skix around the objective are now of a more appropriate level.
  • Calling Stone - Information on the Attuned Rift Stone can now be found in the Library.
  • Prized Pumpkin - This quest has had its text reworded to reflect that the pumpkin isn't fine.
  • Yarak's Folly - The player must now retrieve the Scrying Crystals from behind Yarak.
  • Dark Father - The Bloodtusk Patriarch no longer displays beneath the terrain in Nazrun.
  • Soulrender - Soulrender Kaell now drops his head when killed, allowing players to start this quest.
  • Armor of E'gal - The player can now retrieve the armor from Fort Goxan.
  • Frognar in Training - Killing Gareen Swampwardens now counts toward completing this quest.
  • Fashion Police - This quest now properly requires 3 Dreadlithe Hoods.
  • Moving Mountains - This quest now gives proper XP.
  • Polished Gold Coins will no longer drop if the player doesn't have the quest for them.
  • Stronger, Faster, Better - The player can now take the potion to the Bubbling Spring to complete the quest.
  • Webbed Intruders - The Hopswort Raiders now spawn more frequently.
Class Changes


  • Darkside now plays a cast animation regardless of cast time.


  • Essence Burn now properly changes Essence Bolt's damage type when using it on a mob with higher Essence resistance than Fire resistance.
  • Biting Cold now properly increases Cold Penetration.


  • Made improvements to Point Blank Shot, mobs will no longer be pushed beneath the world.
  • Power Sweeper now properly augments the stun duration of Sweep.
  • Camouflage now works off a proximity based detection, and not all mobs will be fooled.
  • Leg Shot will no longer randomly stack on a target.
  • Invigorate now affects Swim Speed.


  • Aggravated Assault now properly adds a DOT to the Assault action.
  • Taunt (Rank 2) now has a tooltip outlining its effects.
  • Lockup has changed and now functions for a total of 10 seconds.
  • Pain Tolerance now lasts for its correct duration.
  • Barbed Words now properly increases the range of Taunt.
  • Berserker Blood now increases the damage players deal when their health decreases.

Amnarious - Wednesday, April 28, 2010 04:05 PM