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May 27 2010- Build Notes

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Hotfix 2294
  • Fixed a rendering issue that prevented some textures from displaying.
Bug Fixes
  • Players will no longer become stuck in combat when fighting with a pet out.
  • The Library will now display what recipe items are created from and who drops the chest an item is looted from when the player looks up a specific item.
  • Improved texture alpha channels on facial features, such as hair, scars, and beards.
  • The Crafting menu now expands and collapses properly.
  • Fixed a number of floating and broken meshes.
  • The doors of Marsh Tower have been kicked down, allowing all players access.
  • The Blacksmithing furnace in Greenvale now has better collision.
  • Fixed a number of holes in the World Mesh.
  • Players can no longer exit the playable area of the Halls of the Stonesmith.
  • Players can no longer swim to the edge of the world.
  • Fixed a number of texture seams throughout Alganon.
  • Fixed a number of textures in Alganon that had incorrect alpha channels applied.
  • Improved collision in the Grok Foothills instance.
  • The study Arcane Overload now correctly increases Essence Spellpower.
  • The 'Open' button will now correctly open mail, regardless of the p age it's on.
  • The Sprog Mushroom Grinder in Camp Pragg now has collision.
  • Looking up information in the library will no longer display a white screen.
  • Players can now dismount in combat.
  • Snare will now correctly affect characters.
  • Lamellar Weapon Barb now correctly displays its level requirement and cannot be used before that requirement is met.
  • Various studies that increase spellpower(All) now add the correct amount of Spellpower.
  • The 'Specials' icon in the Tribute Market no longer disappears when you mouse over it.
  • Lusha'aton: Temple of the Tempest - The Tempest will now completely reset if the group is defeated.
  • Lusha'aton: Tempest Temple - The Tempest now receives his proper buffs from his Lesser Elemental forms.
  • Lusha'aton: Temple of the Tempest - The Tempest will no longer randomly disappear if the party is defeated by his lesser Elementals.
  • Lethe Caves: Fixed the patches in the instance where the ground sounded muddy.
  • Lethe Caves: Corrupted Bloodgems will no longer move toward the player when hit with an Area of Effect action.
Gameplay Enhancements, Game Balance and New Features
  • The Regional Chat channel has been replaced with a Global Faction Chat.
  • A new method of purchasing Abilities has been added. Players can add a point by left clicking, or remove a point by right clicking. To save the changes made to their Abilities they must click accept. Along with this new method, players can only respec once per level without the aid of an Ability Reset Token purchased in the Tribute Market. Respecs are not retroactively saved, a level 50 has 1 respec, not 50.
  • The Dressing Room preview option has been implemented. Players can now Ctrl-Left click on the item to preview it's appearence. This works for quest rewards, Item links, Auction House, and even in the Tribute Market, just click the Preview button.
  • Various Services have been added to the Tribute Market: Guild Name Change, Character Name Change, Last Name Change, and Server Transfer.
  • Healing and Focus potions are now sold in the Tribute Market.
  • Players can now have up to 12 Bank slots, 4 purchased with Tribute, 6 purchased with gold, and they get 2 for free.
  • Every mount in the Tribute market can now be purchased permamently for a higher cost.
  • Improved soft selection so selecting players, items, and NPCs is easier.
  • Burned out tower by Tallen's Pond in Andar Thresh now has more fire and smoke particles.
  • Weapons will now skill up faster when fighting more difficult opponents.
  • Balam'karr: Lower Temple - Stonewarden Argus now deals a bit more damage and his Rock Smash is an instant cast.
  • Balam'karr: Inner Sanctum - Chieftain Stonehammer's Blackrock Aura now has a shorter range and now gains a wider range of buffs from the Stone Idols.
  • Lethe Caves - The Shade of Skajix can now only have 6 Wrath Voids present at a time.
  • Lethe Caves - The Shade of Shajix now deals more damage and the skeletons in the Avatar of Death's second phase now have a longer countdown timer.
  • Warfiend Karr: Stonebelly Jax has been rebalanced, making him more challenging for groups.
  • Warfiend Karr: The minimum level to enter the instance is now 44.
Class Changes
  • Due to changes in the respec system Ability points have been reset for all characters with this patch.


  • Fixed multiple bugs with Point Blank Shot, which will now work correctly.


  • Epicenter now correctly displays the bonuses it grants.
  • The Soldier Cleave action will now deal the proper damage to both targets.
  • The Lockup action now correctly roots the Soldier.


  • Embrace of the Betrayer's tooltip has been reworded for clarity.
  • Touch of Hatred now heals party members at the correct range.

Amnarious - Thursday, May 27, 2010 10:00 AM