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August 13 2010- Build Notes

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08/24/10 Server Hotfix
  • Resolved an issue that could cause players to become unable to login.
08/17/10 Server Hotfix
  • Mobs will no longer be able to randomly deal high damage to players.
  • Players who have the Super Pack or Level Boosts will be able to hold the correct amount of gold.
  • Quests and Portals will no longer be reset upon logging out.
New with 2.2
  • Alganon is now Free to Play, any player who purchased the game will find little has been changed. Any player joining for free, however, will find that the level cap is 30, they may only hold a maximum of 50 gold, cannot gain Ability points until level 11, are limited to 4 Character slots, only hold 10 quests at a time, can participate in only a limited set of chat channels (/say, /guild, /party, and /tell), can only receive mail, and cannot create guilds. Free players can unlock these features in the Tribute Market, under the Services tab. Unlocking all the features of a paid member is simple, just purchase the Super Pack.
  • Instance difficulty options have been implemented with the new 'Test of Faith' difficulty. These instances are designed for level 50 groups of 5-6 who have the best of best equipment. Players must be Level 50 to enter the currently available instances Balam'karr and Howling Foothills, with more coming in the future. After a boss is killed in these instances players will be locked to that particular instance until 2am PST, but they can break the lock early with the use of a ToF Reset Token purchased from the Tribute Market. Defeating the final boss of a ToF instance will give the players a Token of Victory as well as rare loot never before seen in Alganon. The Victory Vendors in the capital cities will happily exchange your Tokens for powerful new equipment.
  • The Soldier has been replaced with the new Champion/Reaver class. The name changes depending on the Organization. The Asharr get the Champion of Argon, while the Kujix players can create the Reaver of Xukiss. This new class utilizes a new stat, called Energy, for physical actions as well as Focus for magical actions. Due to these changes, all Soldiers are getting a free Ability reset and coin compensation for any actions no longer available to them. Visit your class trainer to see what new actions are available to you.
  • New items have been added to the Tribute market in addition to the Services mentioned above. Armor Dyes and Talismans can now be purchased. Dyes change the color of an equipped item, allowing you to customize your look. Talismans apply a stat bonus to your items, giving you more control on how you play your character.
  • The Requisition House has been added to Alganon! Players can use the Requisition House to request items from other players, whether it's Fire Fennel for a quest or a shiny new broadsword. Simply look the item up in the Library and click the requisition button to the right to setup a request. Want to fill an existing requisition for a small profit? Travel to the nearest Auction House and click Requisitions, this will allow you to see pending requests. Simply bring the item to the Auctioneer and click 'Fill Order' to claim the gold set by the other player and have the item automatically mailed to them from your inventory or personal bank. You don't even have to pay postage!
  • The Tokens of the Dawn are back. These items can now be found on Warfiend Karr bosses when playing on Standard difficulty.
Known Issues
  • The tooltip description for Shieldwall is inaccurate, Shieldwall grants an extra 500% Block Amount as well as a 100% Block Chance for 15 seconds with a 2 minute cooldown.
  • Cross faction instance portals are not working properly just yet, we're working on a hotfix for this issue.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a number of issues where items were displaying the incorrect icon in the player's inventory.
  • Improved texture rendering throughout the game, most noticeably in the Dressing Room and when summoning mounts.
  • Improved world terrain and mesh blending, players will no longer slip into the ground when exiting the caves in Rok Fields.
  • Improved the options for 'Names' under the User Interface.
  • The Swap button in the Dressing room will no longer disappear when changing weapons manually.
  • Bartering Dynamics now correctly increases the selling price of items to vendors.
  • Haste now properly lowers the casting time of spells.
  • Infused Flower Petal is now a gray item.
  • Blackrock Skirmish Footguards now display properly when equipped.
  • Auction House: The 'Usable Items only' filter now takes into account armor weight.
  • Fixed a number of typos in the game world.
  • Underwater melee mobs will now properly evade when attacked from the water's surface.
  • Arcane Control now increases Essence Accuracy accordingly.
  • Fixed the scaling of some mobs in Alganon who were displaying much larger than intended.
  • The Xanjuix Karr deathstone no longer floats above the ground.
  • Xas Snag and Skaxar Tredge now have local chat channels.
  • Windmaster Banu can now be found near the Ourobi Circle in Xanjuix Karr.
  • Blue Temptress, Blue Scalesister, and High Priestess Ssarnassi now use their proper ranged attacks when aggroed.
  • Temple of Balam'karr: Bosses now have the correct nameplate to mark them as bosses.
  • Temple of Balam'karr: Lower Temple - The bosses in this instance now have the proper marking under their nameplate.
  • Rosewood Heavy Bow of Aptitude now properly goes into the Ranged slot.
  • Items can no longer be auctioned unless they are at max durability.
  • Moving your chat window will no longer cause your action bar to reposition itself.
  • The buff tooltip will no longer remain on screen when a player hovers over a party member's buff as they leave the party.
  • Improved mouse targeting, making it easier to loot some mobs, such as the Grassy Marsh Wisps.
  • Players can no longer use copy and paste to break the 15 character limit on guild names.
  • The 'hit' graphic will no longer display on allied players who have the target of an attack selected.
  • Quests will no longer duplicate in the player's quest log.
Gameplay Enhancements, Game Balance and New Features
  • Players can now click and drag to move the character sheet.
  • Portal destinations are now shared across all Regions.
  • Cloaks now display in the Library under Items>Armor>Light>Cloak.
  • Mobs will no longer readily stand ontop of each other, they'll now fan out when pulled and try not to take up each others space.
  • Improved durability features, items will no longer break faster than intended.
  • The Tender's Camp Library entry has been enlarged to include Tender Oa.
  • Stonewarden Argus has planted a large rock over the hole in his encounter room to disallow players to attack him from bellow the floor.
  • Players cannot transfer characters while they have pending mail on that character.
  • The Library has been improved to show what mobs drop an item.
  • Players can now drag and drop equipment into the slots of the dressing room in addition to using the ctrl-left click method.
  • Menu features on the character portrait have been made easier to select.
  • Improvements were made to player movement.
  • Immolation now requires Fire and Flame 3 before it can be studied.
  • Recipe items that the player already knows will display a reminder in their tooltip.
  • Rift-tainted Obsidian Shards are now a reward for The Key is the Key.
  • Heretical Beliefs - The Damaged Idol of Triasha now displays that it is used to start this quest in the Library.
  • Maggothead - This quest now properly states that it requires a group.
  • Kill Skitlar - This quest now properly states that it requires a group.
  • Heartfall's Revenge - Mara's Pendant is now a reward for this quest.
  • Ballast Shield - Players now receive Frankie's Shield for completing this quest.
  • Calling Stone - The Attuned Rift Stones for this quest can now be found in game.
Class Changes


  • Shield Storm now correctly deals damage upon blocking.


  • Embrace of Benediction's healing amount will now scale correctly when the Healer has stacks of Divine Favor.

Amnarious - Friday, August 13, 2010 09:11 AM