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November 11 2010- Build Notes
Patch 2.5

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Patch 2.5 (Client version
Server Hotfix 11/30/10
  • Fixed an issue with mob pathing that caused certain mobs to become unattackable.
  • Fixed a server crash with Stonehammer.
New with 2.5
  • War has come to Alganon and with it comes PvP. Players can activate their PvP flag by right-clicking on their character portrait and selecting 'Enable PvP', this button will then become the 'Disable PvP' option. Your faction's emblem will display under your health bar to signify that your flag is active. Turning off the flag takes 5 minutes, but attacking a flagged opponent will reset the timer.
  • Players can also activate their PvP flag temporarily by attacking a player from the opposite faction who is flagged for PvP. Once combat has ended, the 5 minute timer will start automatically.
  • Duels are also available for non-lethal one-on-one battles between members of the same faction or opposite faction. Players do not need to be flagged for PvP to participate in duels but must enable them by right clicking on their character portrait and selecting 'Allow Duel Requests'. Dueling in capital cities is largely forbidden save for certain areas: the Winnower's Circle in Xanjuix Karr and the Tournament Grounds in Asheran. Leaving these areas during a duel will result in a forfeit.
  • Line of Sight has also been implemented for players. Gone are the days of attacking through trees and walls.
Known Issues
  • Removing Action Abilities, such as the Magi's Inflame, will also remove purchased Ranks in that Action.
  • Casting a heal on a friendly target that is flagged for PvP will flag you, but won't initiate the timer countdown. To disable the PvP flag after this, you will have to Enable it then Disable it via the menu.
  • Shield Storm is currently not dealing damage back to enemies after a successful block.
New Features and Improvements
  • Taunts now have a secondary use in PvP, forcing an opponent to target the taunter for a brief time.
  • Improved the smoothness of remote characters' jump animations.
  • Party Member portraits can now be moved.
Bug Fixes
  • Armor specific defense studies now list the quantity and type of armor that must be worn to receive the bonus.
  • The Magic & The Elements Study now increases all resistances.
  • Fixed a bug where the bonuses of a combat study would be removed from a character after changing equpiment.
  • Way of the Blessed no longer gives a bonus to a character's Healing stat.
  • Players are no longer able to place bags in their action bars.
  • Shorax and Arkuk now use the proper cooldown duration for their spells.
  • Stuns now properly stop mobs from using actions.
Quest Fixes
  • Sage Advice - Quest Tracker now correctly points to Herbalist Kent.
Class Fixes


  • Rugged Yell will now affect any group members in range.


  • Players no longer receive a 'you are too far from your target' messages when out of range for a Presence.

Amnarious - Thursday, November 11, 2010 10:10 AM