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December 15 2010- Build Notes
Patch 2.5.1

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Patch 2.5.1 (Client version
Client Hotfix 12/20/10 (
  • Fixed an issue with stacked Tribute items, they can now be sold back.
  • Fixed all possible ways of replying to a whisper/tell.
  • Fixed an issue where the character's defense stat didn't display correctly on the character sheet.
  • Fixed Freedom Trinkets, they can now be used to break out of a stun.
Server Hotfix 12/20/10 
  • Resolved a stability issue when players were attempting to duel in unsupported areas.
New with 2.5.1
  • Zanyana's Tournament has begun! NPCs scattered throughout the world are looking for players level 10 and higher to represent their faction in the upcoming competition. These NPCs will help you prepare for your role in the tournament and can be found in every major quest hub, so ask around!
  • Chat and mailing restrictions have been lifted. Anyone that has previously purchased the Communication Package from the Tribute Market shall receive a refund of the Tribute spent.
  • You can now report chat spammers by clicking on their name and selecting the option to "Report as Spammer".  This will open up a spam ticket which you can add more detail to and submit.
  • There are now two durabilities on equipment. Adventure for PvE and Battle for PvP. If your Adventure Durability reaches 0, you do not receive the stat bonuses from the gear until you get it repaired. If your Battle Durability reaches 0, you can still use your gear for PvE, but not for PvP. Adventure Durability is repaired with coin at vendors or by using an Item Repair Token. Battle Durability is repaired with Tribute at the Quartermaster in the capital cities or by clicking on the durability widget.
  • Renown has been added to the world of Alganon. Renown is the same as experience for PvP. As you complete specific PvP related quests and kill PvP opponents, you will be rewarded Renown. As you gain more Renown, you will increase your Renown Level. With each Renown Level you reach, you gain access to new quests, items, and Titles. Current Renown Level cap is 5.
  • Titles have been introduced into Alganon.  You can now display unlocked titles on your nameplate by clicking the down arrow next to the X in the top right corner of your character sheet and select the title.  Currently these are only attainable with PvP, but non-PvP titles are planned for the future.
  • Stuns now have diminishing returns. If you continue to use the same stuns repeatedly on the same opponent, the effect will not last as long with each use until that opponent becomes immune to your stun.
  • Tribute Bazaars are visiting the capital cities of Asheran and Xanjuix Karr. These vendors sell items from the Tribute Market System using Tribute, giving players an alternate method of accessing the TMS items.
  • Items purchased using Tribute can be sold back to the Tribute Vendor for a refund if done within the time limit listed in its tooltip.
  • Special PvP gear is sold from vendors in the capital cities near the designated dueling area. This gear has no battle durability so it cannot break from PvP combat. Each piece of gear has a renown level requirement to equip and the stat bonuses it offers scales as you level your character.
  • New talismans have been added to vendors in the capital cities. These talismans can only be equipped to leg armor.
  • The Lethe Caves Test of Faith Instance is now available.
Known Issues
  • Freedom Trinkets don't display that they can be used to break out of a stun as well as being an equipped Trinket.
  • The cooldown does not display when a Freedom Trinket is used, but its effects will still prevent you from using it again within 2 min.
  • Logging off of a character that is in a guild, then logging onto a character that is not will display that character as being in the guild. This is a display issue only and has no negative repercussions on the client.
  • Currently items that state they can only be used in PvP areas can be used anywhere.
  • Any players currently using the Bottom Bar 1 setting will have their Renown Experience bar hidden behind the second action bar upon login.
  • Closing the spam ticket window without submitting the ticket will cause an infinite loading screen every time you open the spam ticket window after that. Relogging fixes this.
  • The Avatar of Death encounter in the Lethe Caves Test of Faith Instance sometimes does not behave as intended, requiring the instance to be reset in order to complete the fight.
Feature Improvements
  • Additional payment options have been added to the Tribute Market System. Please visit the Alganon forums for additional info.
  • The PvP disable timer now counts down seconds once down to the last minute.
  • The size of floating combat text no longer scales by your distance from the opponent.
  • Mob pathing was improved throughout the world.
Bug Fixes
  • All mounts now take 2 seconds to summon, as stated in their tooltips.
  • You no longer get stuck in combat after getting killed in a PvP battle.
  • You no longer get stuck in combat when your duel opponent is killed by an NPC, Mob, or another player.
  • AoEs no longer hit friendly units when used in PvP combat.
  • Healing a player that is flagged for PvP now flags you for PvP and starts the auto-disable timer.
  • Combat pets now stop attacking when a duel has ended.
  • The wall of flame in the Avatar of Death encounter now damages those who run through it.
  • Self Action key binds now appropriately target oneself.
  • UI elements no longer move farther than you move your cursor when attempting to move them around.
  • The Swashbuckling Made Easy Study now functions as intended.
  • You no longer gain experience once you have reached the level cap.
  • Moving an item into an inventory slot that is on top of an action bar no longer puts the item on the action bar.
  • Fixed an issue that caused deathstones to disappear.
  • You can no longer challenge or be challenged to a duel while dead or as a ghost.
  • Fixed a client crash with adjusting video options.
  • Fixed an issue with guild tabards not displaying on remote characters.
  • Fixed a few issues with the party loot roll window.
  • Fixed the listed level range for the Swindler's Shortblade weapons.
  • Crag Skitters now drop gear appropriate to their level.
  • Fixed an issue with resistance being calculated improperly.  Characters of all level ranges will see an improvement to their damage.  This will also further balance the recently-implemented Spirit Drain mechanic.
  • Krash'duun now deals damage with his melee attack.
  • Reduced the amount of stat bonuses on the Power Chain of Obedience.
  • Vendor windows now reflect the correct amount of money the player has after making a purchase.
  • Self-cast actions no longer require line of sight or a friendly target in order to cast.
  • Vanity pets no longer de-summon themselves at the end of PvP combat.
Quest Fixes
  • Jigsaw Puzzle - The Library now lists where the Broken DAYSIX Module can be found.
  • Which Witch is Which? - Fixed a text issue.
  • Masters Cleanse - Text now properly refers to Hemishara's gender.
Class Fixes


  • Shield Storm now properly reflects damage blocked.
  • The Firewolf's Flame Ward no longer reduces damage to 0.
  • Shieldwall now properly blocks all physical attacks.
  • Bellowing Challenge (AoE Taunt) is now available from Trainers at level 12.


  • The effects of Frostbolt no longer remain on the player after a duel has ended.


  • Casting Neutralize on an opponent during a duel now properly removes their buffs and not debuffs.


  • Party Presence buffs no longer use line of sight.
  • Brain Toxin now takes the proper amount of Focus from the opponent.

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