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January 25 2011- Build Notes
Patch 2.5.2

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Client Patch 2.5.2 (Client version
Server Hotfix 02/05/11
  • Players are again able to skin enemies.
  • Fixed some issues that were causing the server to crash.
Server Hotfix 02/04/11
  • Battle Durability now scales.
    • Weapons no longer take Battle Damage.
    • Battle Durability will now correctly be calculated on PvP death. Rank 1 will not suffer any BD loss and the battle durability damage taken will now scale with Renown Level. Lower Renown Levels will take less durability damage per death, only taking a fraction of a point. Please note that due to this scaling players that wish to spend less on repair bills should repair their Battle Durability gear when the BD is low, not every time they die. This will have a significant decrease in repair costs.
    • All BD Tribute repairs to date have been refunded, any Tribute spent is back in each player's account.
    • All Battlefield Durability on player items has been reset to the item maximum.
  • Players now receive renown for killing players that have been Battlefield Promoted.
  • Fixed some issues with group looting.
  • Fixed some issues with raid invites.
  • Players now receive mail and a reward when reaching Renown Level 5.
  • Improvements have been made to Line of Site around the Towers. There are still issues with attacking through walls and we are working to address them.
New with 2.5.2
  • Towers
    • The War of Conversion has begun! With it the Kujix and Asharr have built towers to defend their territories. These towers are PvP zones and will automatically flag players for PvP 5 seconds after entering them. Likewise, all items that state they can only be used in PvP zones are usable only in these areas.
    • Characters levels 10-49 entering a PvP zone will be under the effects of Battlefield Promotion. Stats and existing Action Levels will be raised to that of a level 50. Leaving the PvP zone will remove the Battlefield Promotion.
    • Capturing towers can yield bonuses zone-wide for all members of your Faction! For more information on Towers and their locations, please visit the PvP page on www.myalganon.com/pvp/ or in the Library's Towers section.
  • Raids
    • You can now switch your party to a raid group. Inviting more than 6 people to your party will automatically switch your party to a Raid, or you can manually switch it by selecting the 'Convert Party to Raid' option from the menu after right-clicking your character frame.
    • You can set markers on targets while in a raid group by right-clicking the target's character frame and hovering over the 'Set Marker' option in the menu that pops up. This will open a sub-menu of color choices. Each one of these has a sub-menu of 4 marker types. Selecting one of these marker types will put that marker of the appropriate color over the head of the target and the whole group will be able to see it.
  • The Renown Level cap has been raised to 10! With it new PvP gear and items are available for purchase from the quartermaster and his crew in each capital city!
  • A new title has been added that is unlocked at Renown Level 10.
  • PvP Studies Trainers have arrived in the capital cities and are here to share their knowledge with the people of Alganon. These new studies can be purchased at Renown Level 9 for small amounts of Tribute.
  • A progressive respawn timer has been implemented. The more you die, the longer it takes to respawn, up to a maximum of 90 seconds.
Known Issues
  • Towers do not block line of sight.
  • The Tournament Freedom item can be used even though the Arena of Command Tournament has ended.
  • Some tower NPCs teleport to the player's position when aggravated.
Bug Fixes
  • The client no longer crashes when repairing a single item's Battle Durability.
  • Fixed a client crash with moving the UI around.
  • The Book in the quest "An Obvious Solution" has been moved and is no longer stuck in a rock.
  • Defensive Maneuvers Study now correctly increases the Defense stat.
  • The additional brackets at the beginning of emotes have been removed from the chat window.
  • Party members now display on the mini-map.
  • The Manacles and Cummerbund of the Virtuoso now give a level-appropriate amount of protection.
  • Usable trinkets now display their cooldowns.
  • Vendors no longer charge the wrong amount for item repair.
  • Koth's Deathblade, the Unadorned Bone Crusher, Mul'tah's Flute, Wand of Kajixar, Bolt of Righteous Fury and Notched Bone Arrows can all be salvaged now.
  • Fixed an issue with respeccing a Champion or Reaver with Attunement learned.
  • The Renown XP bar no longer starts behind Bottom Bar 1.
  • Fixed an issue where players would get stuck in combat when in PvP.

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