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March 03 2011- Build Notes
Patch 2.5.21

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Client Patch 2.5.21 (Client version
New with 2.5.21
  • New PvP quests have been added for the War of Conversion. The quest chains are offered from many NPCs scattered throughout every major quest hub and are an excellent way to gain Renown along side Towers and PvP fighting. The first PvP quest chain is available immediately at Character Level 10/Renown Level 1 and the other PvP quests unlock as you advance to higher Renown Levels.
  • Those who began the Rising Tide PvP quest chain during the Arena event and did not finish it will now find it can be completed again.
  • Towers now award Renown Points upon capture.
  • Towers now give a buff to players that are defending them.
  • A few Tower Captains/Primaries now have names. If you have a quest and need to interact with one of these NPCs and the tower is controlled by the opposite faction, you will need to recapture the tower to complete your quest.
Bug Fixes
  • Due to a display issue with the Ability Tree, Abilities for all characters have been reset and Ability points refunded.
  • Closing the spam reporting window without submitting the ticket will no longer cause an infinite loading screen the next time the window is opened.
  • Champions/Reavers - Aftershock slows targets correctly now.
  • Mystics/Cabalists - Idol of Faith now has its cooldown displayed and no longer consumes a second one during the cooldown.
  • Using the Drink of Improved Aim now applies the correct buff.
  • Using the Bloodthirsty Brew now applies the correct buff.
  • Mul'Tah's Flute is now sorted into the proper section of the Auction House.
  • Fixed a typo in the tooltip of Cavalier's Justice.
  • Fixed a couple mobs that were spawning underground.
  • Kendix Marr (Mount Vendor in Xanjuix Karr) now opens his vendor window when interacted with.
  • Added the vendor tag to the nameplates of some vendors that were missing it.
Quest Fixes
  • Black and Red is now completable.
  • Spy vs. Spy is now completable.
  • Artifacts A-ton now has two rewards to choose from.
  • Yarak the Fraud quest now mentions returning to Calculator Dovrain.
  • Picking Up the Pieces now can only be started after completing Sacred Metal.
  • Fixed several typos with various quests.
  • The quest, Valuable Knowledge, can now be accepted from Peacekeeper Heartfall after completing Essence Thieves.
  • Job: Warfiend Karr no longer has the same description as Job: The Trouble With Nidgits.

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