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June 09 2011- Build Notes
Patch 2.7.0

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Client Patch 2.7.0 (client version


Client Hotfix 06/22/11
  • Floating combat text now correctly shows numbers for healing.
  • Battle Trauma Bandages will now be used up correctly when applied.
  • NPCs in Keeps are again respawning at their intended rates.
  • Fixed a crash issue when submitting payment through PayPal.
  • Fixed an issue where some players were occasionally unable to attack enemies.
Server Hotfix 06/12/11
  • Fixed an instance stability issue.
Server Hotfix 06/11/11
  • Fixed a server crash dealing with daily quests.
Server Hotfix 06/09/11
  • Fixed a server crash with capturing towers.
  • You will now only be flagged for PvP in the capital city if the opposite faction owns all of the keeps.
    • Players already in the city when the final keep is captured will not be flagged unless they attack another player or leave the area and come back. This allows for non-combat characters to remain in the city without danger of being attacked.
  • The kings can now be interacted with to turn in and accept appropriate quests.
New with 2.7.0
  • Keeps have been built throughout Alganon! Each faction now controls 4 Keep fortifications on their home continent. Capturing all 4 of your enemy's Keeps will allow you to attack your enemy's home city for a chance at epic PvP loot and other great items!  For more information on Keep capturing and rules, visit the Keeps Information page in the MyAlganon Library.
    • Due to this, Towers have been reset back to their default factions.
  • Siege Weapons have been added to the game. These can be summoned anywhere, but only do damage to targets inside PvP Keep areas.
  • PvP Studies are now fully implemented. Customize your character for the way you like to PvP!
    • PvP Studies are now available at Renown Level 3.
    • The study Siege Weapons can now be purchased with Tribute at Renown Level 3, or will be granted for free upon the completion of the quest "The Secret Project".
  • The Renown Level cap has been increased to 20. Along with it comes new titles, quests and Renown level rewards.
  • New PvP gear is available at Renown Level 11+
  • The servers have been merged! Hokk and Adrios have been merged into one server under the name Matma'el. Now players from both servers can work together in both PvP and PvE gameplay!  Due to this merge we have made the following noteworthy changes.
    • Due to the merging we have flagged characters to be renamed whose first names existed on both servers.  This will be shown as an asterisk (*) next to the character name on the Character Select screen. Character naming is done on a first-come-first-serve basis, so it's important that you check your account sooner rather than later to make sure any flagged characters get renamed appropriately.
    • We did not want to delete any existing characters with the merge, so we have allowed overflow beyond the 8 character limit for accounts with more than 8 characters across both servers.  These accounts will now have up to 16 characters listed on the Character Select screen (a max of 8 already-created characters per merged server).  It's important to note that the maximum number of characters a player can create is still 8.  New characters cannot be created until the extras are deleted.  As an example, if you have 10 characters listed and wish to make a new one you will need to delete characters to get down to 7 (which leaves one open character slot).
    • All Study queues have been cleared.  No progress has been lost on existing learned Studies.
    • Guilds formerly on Hokk have been disbanded and all items/money in the guild bank mailed to the Guild Leader.  Guilds formerly on Adrios will see no change.  We explored several options for guilds with the merge, but in the end the transfer process was not built for guild transfers, so we needed to take steps on one of the servers to make sure all items/gold/characters/etc were not lost.  Players from Hokk can re-form their guilds on Matma'el or join their new brethren in an existing guild.  If you have a question on this change, please contact a CSGM.
  • /stuck has changed functionality. It now teleports you to the nearest deathstone and uses up your Recall action timer.  This change was made to prevent several exploits in the game world.
  • The Barber Shop can now be used to resize characters.
  • New, more detailed tutorials have been added to the Library to better flesh out the many features of Alganon.
Bug Fixes
  • All Asharr and Kujix NPCs will now flag you for PVP if you attack them.
  • Tower guards and captains have been tuned down. It should now be much easier to capture an enemy tower.
  • Fixed an issue with a Healer's points not sticking in Shadow Walking.
  • The Ranger's Warbear is no longer referred to as a Firewolf in the chat tabs.
  • The Ranger's Healing Mist now heals based off the appropriate ally list.
  • The Ranger's Sweep action now properly interrupts casts as stated in its description.
  • The Ranger's Bloom action now auto-self casts when the appropriate conditions are met and an enemy is targeted.
  • The Magus' Conjure Food action now adds food to their inventory.
  • The Healer's Idol of Faith action now properly adds an idol to their inventory.
  • Items that you can only have one of will no longer be lost in a trade to someone who already has one.
  • You are now properly informed when your friends go offline or come online.
  • The number of items you can send in a single mail has been correctly limited to 8.
    • If you have existing mail with more than 8 items in it, these extra items are not lost.  To access these overflow items take all the shown items from the mail, close the mail and open it back up. The next 8 items will be in the boxes. This will continue until the mail is empty.
  • Fixed several issues that were causing various NPCs to be invisible on some clients.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing an unknown event type to display in the recent guild logs after purchasing a bank shelf.
  • Group XP is now properly displayed in the chat tabs.
  • Recipes are now organized by level in the crafting windows.
  • Titles will now display correctly to other players.
  • You will no longer be charged for a guild charter if it is not successfully created.
  • The Herbalism recipe, Dar Nettle Toxin, is now available from Herbalism Trainers.
  • The MOBs for the "Into the Clash" quest chain have had their difficulty reduced to more appropriately match the level of the quests.
  • The Asharr quest, "What's Done is Done" is no longer offered by a hostile NPC.
  • The Quest, "Kraw, Kraggle, and Gerry" now points to the appropriate location for completion.
  • Fixed a client crash when moving a stack of items while it is being populated from crafting.
  • The "may have only one" unique item restriction will now allow for a single stack of that item if that item is stackable.
  • Soul Drain will no longer go into effect if the action fails before before being used.
  • MOBs and NPCs now path across world segment borders without resetting.
  • Fixed a pathing issue that was causing Bonecrushing Deathhowler to become stuck in a rock.
  • Using PayPal within the game client no longer brings up a reinstall error.
  • The Shade of Skajix now properly spawns his Wrath Voids when running the Lethe Caves instance on standard difficulty.

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