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October 28 2011- Build Notes
Halloween Event 2011

Welcome to the Halloween Event of 2011!

Pumpkin Smash 2011

Doomgourds (pumpkins) have been placed around both main capital cities (Xanjuix Karr and Asheran). Break open a gourd by attacking it to receive candy and other goodies! In addition to those items you also have a chance to find a rare Golden Ticket in each Doomgourd you smash. These tickets are each worth 100 Tribute when traded in to a GM after the event is completed! Visit the forums for more details and information on prizes.

Test of Faith Instance Release 10/07/11
  • Lusha'aton - Mother's Chamber
Test of Faith Instance Release 09/02/11
  • Lusha'aton - Tempest Temple
Test of Faith Instance Release 08/05/11
  • Bur Clasp - Big Dig
Test of Faith Instance Release 07/08/11
  • Bur Clasp - Northern Dig

Guzzer - Friday, October 28, 2011 01:49 PM