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February 10 2014- Build Notes
Client Patch

Welcome to!

- We fixed the issue that was preventing some NPCs from allowing players to turn in quests. Go check those quest logs!!!

- We fixed a bug which would crash the server when parties would queue for instance runs

- The Exodite quests for starter Asharr and Kujix players can again be completed
- Axelion guards now correctly direct players to the bindstone
- Player names will no longer vanish from the Who List upon refreshing
- Tribal Fetishes now stack to 10
- The Pine Stock's icon now displays correctly in your inventory
- You can no longer get stuck some of the houses in Kahramulas
- Several NPCs have been reminded to walk on the ground and not in the air

Padreic - Monday, February 10, 2014 01:05 PM