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June 03 2014- Build Notes
Client Patch

Welcome to!

- There have been considerable fixes put in to address some enemies not always being able to be attacked. Players should find most enemies smackable again

- Xyjar's Warden Trainer now correctly accepts the Call of the Warden quest

- The Ramry/Light Battering Ram/iBallista again correctly fire/attack their targets

- Renown mail reward items have been fixed. Each race will again get their correct items

- The PvP/Alliance UI is now hidden when the rest of the UI is hidden

- Many NPCs have been fixed in order to prevent them from walking through the ground/walls/marching off into oblivion  

- There is no longer a large black square on the minimap in Andar

- Sage Washlight and Chronicler Adurius now correctly spawn on top of their respective platforms

- The Marble icon now correctly displays in inventory

- The Temple of Despair quest again completes when reaching the Temple of Despair quest destination point

- The gas can now be ignited in the Finish the Job quest

- The Signs of the Past quest enemies no longer display as a non-valid green target. They've been warned to expect a visit from adventurers.

- The Axelion Guild Master now correctly says "Get a charter" instead of "Get a character" in dialog option

- You are now able to see the mouse-over text when hovering the mouse over an ability on the in-game Library's classes section

Padreic - Tuesday, June 03, 2014 07:18 AM