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April 27 2015- Build Notes
Client Patch

Welcome to!

- There have been considerable fixes put in to address many of the reported combat issues.  The system has been overhauled and enemies now behave correctly, attacking players when provoked and returning to their spawn location.  Tower NPCs will no longer ignore your presence, so PvP players will again find a challenge waiting for them.

- Flight Masters and NPCs no longer disappear from the game world after provoked by enemies.

- Incorrect Warden Aspects have been removed from multi class trainers

- NPCs again correctly return to their pathing after being drawn away and killed.

- The Arcane Scholar mercenary has a brand new fireball auto attack!  Enemies beware!

- Bleach dye was not always leaving items bleached after exiting the game.  This has been corrected.

- Players of all races will again receive their correct Renown Reward mails when gaining a Renown level.

- Implemented support for SteamWorks backend services. Yes, Alganon is coming to Steam next month! This is the store landing page.

Tribute Purchase Changes:
- We are aware of the impending shutdown of Zeevex as a payment processing service and we are in the process of implementing an alternate payment system. More news in couple of weeks.

Padreic - Monday, April 27, 2015 12:18 PM