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May 18 2015- Build Notes
Server Hotfix

Released: Tuesday, June 30, 2015 10:30 AM PDT

[ | 06/30/15]

  • Fireball's splash damage now correctly hits nearby enemies
  • An attack power stacking exploit with the Warden's Ferocity skill has been fixed
  • In certain situations battle damage was applied to equipped gear when dying from a fall. This now applies the correct PvE damage
  • Shorax in Warfiend Karr no longer heals to full when taking damage. Players will still find this fight a challenge but without the near endless boss heals

[ | 06/19/15]

  • The Magus' Fireball action now casts correctly after learning it
  • The /random command now works correctly when in a party
  • Several enemy types that were showing as neutral (yellow) now correctly show as aggressive (red)
  • Various high-level profession recipes are now added to the correct category when learned

[ | 05/22/15]

  • The Tribute Market now supports Steam login
  • Implemented a fix for the recent server crashes
  • Raven Speaker can again be attacked by players.  Her HP has also been greatly reduced in order to help with the quest completion
  • Herbalism and Mining no longer add unusable skills to your player
  • Fixed an issue with enemies not facing you while they cast spells
  • Fixed a minor issue with enemy movement after recovering from the Ranger's Leg Shot ability

Padreic - Monday, May 18, 2015 09:44 AM