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Tala Xujin
Level 50
Renown Level 1
Northern Dig



A Reaver is an agent of unstoppable force and the cornerstone of any party of adventurers. Well known the world over for their physical power and defensive prowess the Reaver is well suited to the roles of tanking or damage dealing. Through their rudimentary training in the art of magiks, the Reaver combines an array of formidable magical attacks with powerful melee skills using a wide variety of weapons, while suited in the heaviest of armors. Feared by their enemies and loved by their friends, the Reaver will undoubtedly control the flow of battle like no other.


  • Resources
    • Energy

      The basic unit of melee attacks, Energy is spent every time a Reaver performs a special melee attack. This will regenerate in a constant stream during the course of any battle, and will not be influenced by statistics.

    • Focus

      The magical force which allows spell casts to be performed. All non-melee actions will consume Focus which will regenerate based on the Reaver's soul statistic.

  • Blessings
    • Focused Contemplation

      By turning the mind's eye inward, the Reaver draws upon the Ambition of Xukiss and becomes more in-tune with the flow of energy within the world. This state increases Focus regeneration, the impact of Spellsword abilities, and natural resistances to elemental forces but slows both the gathering of physical energy and the speed of physical attacks due to the concentration required.

    • Lethal Fury

      An aggressive mode that focuses on one objective: spilling the blood of the enemy. Channeling the Bloodlust of Gahzmok, the Reaver becomes so intent on eliminating threats that they throw caution to the wind and gain bonuses to physical attack speed, critical damage (critical bonus), and energy regeneration. However, being consumed by the bloodlust reduces both the concentration required to regain Focus and the damage done by Spellsword abilities.

    • Impenetrable Resolution

      When finding oneself in dangerous situations, the Reaver can tap into the Understanding of Vakgarr and become an immovable beacon of spiritual pressure. When channeling the resolution of life/death, enemies will focus on the resolute fighter more readily out of instinctual fear, while the Reaver will be favored with an increase in the effectiveness of healing effects and defensive abilities. Due to the focus on defense however, the resolute fighter will suffer a penalty the ability to deal critical strikes.

  • Stances
    • Balance - A balanced stance that allows a wide range of attacks.
    • Power - An aggressive stance that sacrifices defense but increases attack power.
    • Defensive Stance - A defensive stance that increases your chance to block or parry at the cost of attack power.
  • Weaponry
  • Protection
  • Spellsword