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Guild Roster
The Branded
The Branded
27 members
Realm: Matma'el
Formed By: Crunch
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Character Name Level Race Class Guild Rank
Crunch 50 Human Soldier Leader
Temetrius 9 Human Mystic Co- Leader
Firenice 37 Human Magus Teacher
Teamkiller 15 Human Soldier Journeyman
Jona 26 Human Ranger Journeyman
Speedy 16 Human Ranger Journeyman
Semoth 6 Human Magus High Apprentice
Kurvenal 10 Human Soldier High Apprentice
Tyana 10 Human Ranger High Apprentice
Hawkwing 10 Human Ranger High Apprentice
Skybreeze 11 Human Magus High Apprentice
Lovii 15 Human Mystic High Apprentice
Stagen 14 Human Ranger High Apprentice
Acoma 30 Human Ranger Apprentice
Altere 30 Human Magus Apprentice
Trancedemon 12 Human Soldier Apprentice
Moltader 11 Human Soldier Apprentice
Hapax 7 Human Magus Apprentice
Scyther 12 Human Soldier Apprentice
Aspide 12 Human Ranger Apprentice
Valkerie 6 Human Magus Apprentice
Mightywarrior 32 Human Soldier recruit
Inigo 10 Human Soldier recruit
Arwen 10 Human Ranger recruit
Whatdoyaknow 7 Human Mystic recruit
Minnderr 4 Human Mystic recruit
Thecarefulaimer 6 Human Magus recruit