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Capable of summoning elementals and infusing themselves with enhanced magical abilities, the Magi are masters of the elements and feared by all in the World of Alganon. While they lack tough armor or high endurance, those who get close enough to strike a Magus will find them agile and well protected by their elemental magics.


  • Affinities

    By harnessing the elements a Magus attunes himself to the power contained within. Whether he chooses Fire, Ice, or Storm, the Magus becomes a powerful foe capable of dealing great damage. By harnessing the power of Ice the Magus gains the ability to withstand great damage. Infusing himself with the power of Storm make the Magus resilient and difficult to hit. The Magus who revels in fire will use offensive power to keep himself from danger.


  • Fire
  • Frost
  • Storm


  • Fire

    A Magus who specializes in controlling Fire and flame becomes adept at focusing their attacks on a single target. A Fire Magus's damage output is increased as she focus her attacks on burning down her enemies one at a time.

  • Storm

    A Magus who specializes in harnessing the electrical energy of the Storm is capable of doing great damage to single enemies, but also wield great power over multiple foes. Powerful jolts of electricity can not only shock and paralyze an enemy, they can also spark new life into one's allies.

  • Frost

    By using the hardening power of cold, a Frost Magus is a defensive powerhouse capable of surviving attacks by large groups of enemies. By controlling their enemies and blasting them with freezing attacks, they can quickly dispatch many of the most dangerous creatures in the world.

  • Skills

    Magi are able to use daggers, staves and wands. They are restricted to light armor and may not use shields. Instead, they can find offhand items to increase their magical power.