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  Name Level Source Type
Accuracy Gel 12 Accuracy GelAlchemy Consumable
Agility Draught 26 Agility DraughtAlchemy Consumable
Blazing Dose 42 Blazing DoseAlchemy Consumable
Bloodthirsty Brew 16 Bloodthirsty BrewAlchemy Consumable
Blurry Brew 36 Blurry BrewAlchemy Consumable
Bottle of Survival 34 Bottle of SurvivalAlchemy Consumable
Brawny Brew 36 Brawny BrewAlchemy Consumable
Brew of Burst 40 Brew of BurstAlchemy Consumable
Brew of Embers 6 Brew of EmbersAlchemy Consumable
Brew of Rapidity 46 Brew of RapidityAlchemy Consumable
Champion's Brew 30 Champion's BrewAlchemy Consumable
Character Enhancer 2 Character EnhancerAlchemy Consumable
Charged Reflexes Lotion (stub) 50 Consumable
Charged Tincture 22 Charged TinctureAlchemy Consumable
Clear Dynamic Potion 12 Clear Dynamic PotionAlchemy Consumable
Clear Elixir of Channeling 14 Clear Elixir of ChannelingAlchemy Consumable
Clear Potion of Sharpness 4 Clear Potion of SharpnessAlchemy Consumable
Cleverness Elixir 14 Cleverness ElixirAlchemy Consumable
Cloudy Draft of Grit 0 Cloudy Draft of GritAlchemy Consumable
Cloudy Protection Potion 10 Cloudy Protection PotionAlchemy Consumable
Compound of Comfort 44 Compound of ComfortAlchemy Consumable
Concentration Juice 0 Concentration JuiceAlchemy Consumable
Cordial of Skill 30 Cordial of SkillAlchemy Consumable
Dark Broth 44 Dark BrothAlchemy Consumable
Dexterity Juice 16 Dexterity JuiceAlchemy Consumable
Dose of Whispers 4 Dose of WhispersAlchemy Consumable
Draft of Ideas 12 Draught of IdeasAlchemy Consumable
Draught of Adrenal Rush 12 Draught of Adrenal RushAlchemy Consumable
Draught of Dash 16 Draught of DashAlchemy Consumable
Draught of Harm 4 Draught of HarmAlchemy Consumable
Draught of Smarts 2 Draught of SmartsAlchemy Consumable
Draught of Tenacity I 0 Vendors Consumable
Draught of Tenacity II 0 Vendors Consumable
Draught of Tenacity III 0 Vendors Consumable
Drink of Improved Aim 16 Drink of Improved AimAlchemy Consumable
Efficiency Paste 40 Efficiency PasteAlchemy Consumable
Elixir of Fortification I 10 Vendors Consumable
Elixir of Fortification II 20 Vendors Consumable
Elixir of Fortification III 30 Vendors Consumable
Elixir of Fortification IV 40 Vendors Consumable
Elixir of Fortification V 50 Vendors Consumable
Elixir of Scholars I 0 Vendors Consumable
Elixir of Scholars II 0 Vendors Consumable
Elixir of Scholars III 0 Vendors Consumable
Enduring Draft 30 Enduring DraftAlchemy Consumable
Fencing Cocktail 2 Fencing CocktailAlchemy Consumable
Flask of Drive 6 Flask of DriveAlchemy Consumable
Flask of Flames 22 Flask of FlamesAlchemy Consumable
Flask of Fortitude 38 Flask of FortitudeAlchemy Consumable
Flask of Frost 4 Flask of FrostAlchemy Consumable
Flask of Grandeur Illusions 0 Consumable
Flask of Relentless Attacks 0 Consumable
Flask of the Expansive Mind 0 Consumable
Flask of the Fortress 46 Flask of the FortressAlchemy Consumable
Flask of the Reaper 48 Flask of the ReaperAlchemy Consumable
Flask of Velocity I 0 Vendors Consumable
Flask of Velocity II 0 Vendors Consumable
Flask of Velocity III 0 Vendors Consumable
Flowing Mind Juice 32 Flowing Mind JuiceAlchemy Consumable
Flurry Flask 32 Flurry FlaskAlchemy Consumable
Foggy Dose of Toughness 0 Consumable
Forceful Flask 24 Forceful FlaskAlchemy Consumable
Frozen Mist Draught 40 Frozen Mist DraughtAlchemy Consumable
Guardian's Quaff 4 Guardian's QuaffAlchemy Consumable
Hostility Potion 12 Hostility PotionAlchemy Consumable
Hunting Nip 2 Hunting NipAlchemy Consumable
Icy Infusion 22 Icy InfusionAlchemy Consumable
Infusion of Intelligence 28 Infusion of IntelligenceAlchemy Consumable
Ironskin Draft 34 Ironskin DraftAlchemy Consumable
Ley-bridge Liniment 48 Ley-bridge LinimentAlchemy Consumable
Maelstrom Liquid 42 Maelstrom LiquidAlchemy Consumable
Minor Boost Potion 0 Minor Boost PotionAlchemy Consumable
Murderous Medley 32 Murderous MedleyAlchemy Consumable
Mystic Ointment 24 Mystic OintmentAlchemy Consumable
Nimble Cordial 38 Nimble CordialAlchemy Consumable
Ointment of Origins 44 Ointment of OriginsAlchemy Consumable
Potion of Animosity 24 Potion of AnimosityAlchemy Consumable
Potion of Expedition 30 Potion of ExpeditionAlchemy Consumable
Potion of Recovery 14 Potion of RecoveryAlchemy Consumable
Potion of Savagery 42 Potion of SavageryAlchemy Consumable
Prismatic Potion 48 Prismatic PotionAlchemy Consumable
Protection Potion 20 Protection PotionAlchemy Consumable
Quaff of Killing 32 Quaff of KillingAlchemy Consumable
Quick Thought Draught 20 Quick Thought DraughtAlchemy Consumable
Quicken Potion 6 Quicken PotionAlchemy Consumable
Rainbow Shield Potion 42 Rainbow Shield PotionAlchemy Consumable
Rioting Elixir 40 Rioting ElixirAlchemy Consumable
Second Sight 10 Second SightAlchemy Consumable
Security Tonic 34 Security TonicAlchemy Consumable
Shadow Dose 22 Shadow DoseAlchemy Consumable
Soldier’s Serum 48 Soldier’s SerumAlchemy Consumable
Soldier's Friend 16 Soldier's FriendAlchemy Consumable
Soul Potion 26 Soul PotionAlchemy Consumable
Sparking Tincture 10 Sparking TinctureAlchemy Consumable
Spirit Boosting Mixture 14 Spirit Boosting MixtureAlchemy Consumable
Stalker's Draught 26 Stalker's DraughtAlchemy Consumable
Steelskin Lotion 46 Steelskin LotionAlchemy Consumable
Strong Drink 26 Strong DrinkAlchemy Consumable
Student's Concoction 24 Student's ConcoctionAlchemy Consumable
Temperament Tincture 38 Temperament TinctureAlchemy Consumable
Tincture of Coordination 2 Tincture of CoordinationAlchemy Consumable
Tincture of Stamina 10 Tincture of StaminaAlchemy Consumable
Tincture of Tongues 6 Tincture of TonguesAlchemy Consumable
Tom's Red Rum 2 BiggleMuck Trader Consumable
Tonic of Battlement I 0 Vendors Consumable
Tonic of Battlement II 0 Vendors Consumable
Tonic of Battlement III 0 Vendors Consumable
Unguent of Understanding 38 Unguent of UnderstandingAlchemy Consumable
Unguent of Urgency 20 Unguent of UrgencyAlchemy Consumable
Ye Old Eye-opener 0 Ye Old Eye-openerAlchemy Consumable
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