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  Name Level Source Type
Aevon's Resolution 50 Aveon BonebladeWarfiend Bailey Armor
Aevon's Sorrow 44 Aveon BonebladeWarfiend Bailey Armor
Agrestal Trinket 40 Armor
Attendant's Medal 30 Armor
Bibelot of the Trailblazer 40 Armor
Blackened Iron Stud 50 ShoraxWarfiend Keep Armor
Blazing Star 0 Armor
Blessed Scalpel 0 Armor
Blessed Shears 10 Blessed ShearsAlchemy Armor
Bloody Handkerchief 50 Shade of SkajixBone Dens Armor
Bone Fetish 0 Armor
Braided Thorn Luckcharm 22 Braided Thorn LuckcharmAlchemy Armor
Burning Emblem 0 Armor
Burnt Bauble 0 The Looming ThreatKahramulas Armor
Care-worn Boline 20 Care-worn BolineAlchemy Armor
Challenger's Charm of Freedom 10 Armor
Champion's Burnished Idol 10 Vendors Armor
Champion's Etched Arrowhead 10 Vendors Armor
Champion's Silver Figurine 10 Vendors Armor
Charged Silver-rod 0 Armor
Charred Charm 0 The Looming ThreatKahramulas Armor
Comforting Coin 0 Armor
Commander's Charm of Freedom 50 Armor
Conqueror's Charm of Freedom 40 Armor
Crackling Figurine 0 Armor
Crystalized Sap Star 24 Crystalized Sap StarAlchemy Armor
Curio of the Diabolist 40 Armor
Cursed Amulet 0 Armor
Dagger Tooth Juju 38 Dagger Tooth JujuAlchemy Armor
Diviner's Doodad 30 Armor
Dreadbone Windcatcher 40 Dreadbone WindcatcherLeatherworking Armor
Duelist's Charm of Freedom 10 Armor
Elric's Orichalcum Cube 50 Elric's Orichalcum CubeAlchemy Armor
Embossed Leather Patch 26 Embossed Leather PatchLeatherworking Armor
Empty Trick Satchel 18 Armor
Ethereal Pulse 50 Bugsalaag'mikBig Dig Armor
Ethereal Seashell 0 Double Dog SwearRuined Factory Armor
Eye of Wrath 50 Bugsalaag'mikBig Dig Armor
Fashioned Bauble 2 Fashioned BaubleLeatherworking Armor
Feral Badge 38 Feral BadgeLeatherworking Armor
Fetish of the Virtuoso 40 Armor
Gimcrack of the Conservator 40 Armor
Glowing Whisperwing Trinket 0 Probi-What?Goxan Brush Armor
Hardened Sap Amulet 8 Hardened Sap AmuletAlchemy Armor
Haruspex Icon 20 Armor
Horn of Battle 10 Armor
Icicle Shard 0 Armor
Icy Heart Talisman 0 Armor
Idol of the Great Cycle 34 Idol of the Great CycleLeatherworking Armor
Itinerant's Ornament 30 Armor
Knight's Charm of Freedom 30 Armor
Leechskin Dicebag 50 Krash'duun the ImmortalNorthern Dig Armor
Ley-crystal Knife 0 Armor
Lid of Patience 50 ShoraxWarfiend Keep Armor
Manapowered 'Circuitboard' 0 Double Dog SwearRuined Factory Armor
Manashard Eye 0 Armor
Mechanized Wrist Assistant 50 ShoraxWarfiend Keep Armor
Nexusnode Buckler 0 Double Dog SwearRuined Factory Armor
Nexus-stone Amulet 0 Armor
Oil Shield 10 Armor
One With Nature 50 One With NatureAlchemy Armor
Overlord's Bloodforged Idol 10 Overlord's Bloodforged IdolLeatherworking Armor
Pestle of Precociousness 35 Pestle of PrecociousnessAlchemy Armor
Polished Steel Stud 50 Bugsalaag'mikBig Dig Armor
Predator's Mark 50 Bugsalaag'mikBig Dig Armor
Prey's Advantage 50 Bonewarden LemagragBone Dens Armor
Protective Rock 0 Ista'Vezir, the Spider QueenEsky'sheer Armor
Rover Bead 20 Armor
Sanctimonious Herb-censor 0 Armor
Seedling Charm 4 Seedling CharmAlchemy Armor
Seedling Cluster 30 Seedling ClusterAlchemy Armor
Shadow Heart Icon 40 Shadow Heart IconAlchemy Armor
Shadowed Spiritstone 18 Shadowed SpiritstoneLeatherworking Armor
Shaped Lamellar Orb 24 Shaped Lamellar OrbLeatherworking Armor
Shielded Charm 20 Armor
Shrewd Stone 20 Armor
Simple Ornament 6 Simple OrnamentLeatherworking Armor
Smooth Ivory Lifestone 44 Smooth Ivory LifestoneLeatherworking Armor
Snowflake Charm 0 Armor
Soulful Charm 0 Ista'Vezir, the Spider QueenEsky'sheer Armor
Sparking Charm 0 Armor
Spiral Leaf Madstone 42 Spiral Leaf MadstoneAlchemy Armor
Stormwrath Guardian 45 Stormwrath GuardianNovice Crafting Armor
Stormwrath Idol 45 Stormwrath IdolNovice Crafting Armor
Stormwrath Relic 45 Stormwrath RelicNovice Crafting Armor
Summer Lightning 0 Armor
Sun Starved Crystal of Finesse 35 Vendors Armor
Sun Starved Crystal of Might 35 Vendors Armor
Sun Starved Crystal of Resolve 35 Vendors Armor
Sun Starved Crystal of Valor 35 Vendors Armor
Sun Starved Crystal of Wisdom 35 Vendors Armor
Tactician's Spellbound Widget 10 Tactician's Spellbound WidgetAlchemy Armor
Tempest Orb 0 Armor
Terrene Ornament 30 Armor
The Warfiend's Dark Heart 50 Armor
Theurgist's Jewel 30 Armor
Thunder Sign 50 Stonebelly JaxxWarfiend Barbican Armor
Trustee Charm 20 Armor
Tundra Signet 0 The Looming ThreatKahramulas Armor
Twisted Root Idol 6 Twisted Root IdolAlchemy Armor
Vaulk's Thimble 35 Vaulk's ThimbleAlchemy Armor
Victor's Charm of Freedom 20 Armor
Warped Wrathstone 0 Armor
Windswept Gem 20 Armor
Woven Bone Fetish 14 Woven Bone FetishLeatherworking Armor
Woven Root Fetish 20 Woven Root FetishAlchemy Armor
Wrathful Bauble 0 Nexus of WorshipEsky'sheer Armor
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