1. Remember Me

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Dearly Departed


Collect ten Digested Remains to convince Ted that the Skitter are dangerous.


You speak as one who has been brainwashed by Peacemantle rhetoric. They continue their struggle against the Thornback and you follow them blindly to your doom! Your hypothesis that the skitter are feasting on human flesh is preposterous! Where are the remains? You have brought nothing but lies and violence to our Hive. I warn you, if you cannot substantiate your claims then you will be destroyed along with the other fools who seek to bring chaos to the Thornback.



Do you not feel it? The Hive sings in my mind and my soul is at peace.
What have you done?! This tripe could have only been removed from the bowels of a skitter! You continue to test my patience, traveler. It would be wise for you to leave this place before my brethren realize what you have done! I may excuse you for these trespasses, but my Lady is not as forgiving as I.


  • None


Quest Facts

- Level: 31
- Requires level 28
- Side:   
- Start:
- End:
- Sharable: Yes