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The Essence Keeper


The weakness that plagues these Ogran has a name, and his name is Grup.


The Essence of Storm is volatile, friend. The slightest misstep and it can detonate, killing those foolish enough to store it in great amounts. Before the Great Silence, the dumbest of all Ogran was designated as Essence Keeper. Should the Essence of Storm detonate, the lives lost would be... acceptable. But these Ogran, they treat Essence Keeper Grup like a chieftain. They follow his orders as he leads them to weakness and idiocy. The wise, when led by fools, do foolish things. These Ogran are fools led by fools. They must be stopped.



Kill Essence Keeper Grup
With Grup defeated, the Ogran will choose a new leader. Should they choose another fool, I may call on you again.



  • 3130 experience
  • 2 85
Quest Facts

- Level: 19
- Requires level 16
- Side: Kujix
- Start:
- End:
- Sharable: Yes