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Once and Future Gnollchief


Collect ten Gnollchief Tribute Totems.


The Mudbone mark their territory with strange symbols and tribute totems. They seem to be mourning the death of their leader, and are lashing out against our citizens in response. Bring me their tribute totems, so I can divine more about their history.



Not all Mudbone carry the totems. Keep looking for them.
These totems are full of great wrath... The mudbone must be mourning a great loss to have infused these totems with so much wrath. But this Wrath can be put to use... it can be used to open your eyes so that you may see what the Mudbone see.


  • None


  • 5050 experience
  • 38 75
Quest Facts

- Level: 31
- Requires level 28
- Side: Asharr
- Start:
- End:
- Sharable: Yes