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Gypsy Haggis


Collect one Shimmer Croc Stomach, three Hedge Bear Livers, four Wild Daag Tongues, six Hopswort Frognar Toes, and four Redmoth Eyes and return them to Mah O'Nell.


Ya’ know what you need? Some good ol’ Gypsy Haggis. Makes ma’ boys strong fer fightin’. Should help ya’ out, too. Put some meet on those bones. Here’s the goods ya’ need ta’ gather.
You gotta go hunt the ingredients yourself. You can’t just take them from people. I mean, whaddya’ think we are? Thieves?
You've kept us waiting for more than half an hour! Are you trying to give us heart burn?


  • None


  • 4410 experience
  • 9 45
Quest Facts

- Level: 27
- Requires level 24
- Side: Asharr
- Start:
- End:
- Sharable: Yes