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Diplomatic Negotiations


Seek out Tyran Dawnsinger at Skargwatch Tower.


    Greetings, you have come a long way to these shores. The Talrok presence here is still weak and we must forge the proper alliances to ensure a strong foothold in Haggon Marsh. Seek out Tyran Dawnsinger at Skargwatch Tower. Earn his trust, convince him that the Talrok mean him no harm, whatever the cost. Be warned, the Peacemantle have issued a mandate of peace within their camps between Human and Talrok. The Peacemantle take no side in our war and any act of aggression while under their protection will be met with swift and lethal punishment.
    In time the Peacemantle may accept you, but know that we will not be twisted in the struggle between Human and Talrok. My brothers have traveled far to combat an ancient evil that now creeps across the land. Hate breeds hate, Kujix. As you focus your energies toward destruction darkness is waking deep in this cursed swamp. Your hearts are filled with hate and while your petty war continues you remain blind to the peril that will befall this world.


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    Quest Facts

    - Level: 31
    - Requires level 28
    - Side: Kujix
    - Start:
    - End:
    - Sharable: Yes