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Before They Rise Again


Collect five heads off the corpses that the Taag took as prisoners.


Whatever those Taag bandits are up to, they don't seem to care if their victims are living or dead. Not only are they kidnapping the locals, they are stockpiling rotting corpses by the dozens. Travel to their hideout at Bandit Thresh and bring me the heads of the corpses they've stockpiled, before they can turn them into the undead.
Better to destroy them now, than after they have risen again as undead.
Every little bit helps.


  • None


  • 1690 experience
  • 1 50
Quest Facts

- Level: 11
- Requires level 8
- Side: Asharr
- Start:
- End:
- Sharable: Yes


  1. Essence of Corruption
  2. Essence of Savagery
  3. Essence of Blood
  4. Essence of Brutality
  5. Fueled by Fire
  6. Return from Harrow Temple
  7. Before They Rise Again
  8. Fueled by Fire
  9. Return from Harrow Temple
  10. Before They Rise Again
  11. Fueled by Fire
  12. Return from Harrow Temple
  13. Before They Rise Again
  14. Fueled by Fire
  15. Return from Harrow Temple
  16. Before They Rise Again