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Return the Culsu’tar to Hildor


The ashen blade seems to be forged from the shadows itself. No light is reflected from the darkened metal and the wicked curve of the blade radiates violence. Hildor may know more about the origins of this weapon.
You have something for me?
A Culsu’tar! By the Gods this is a dark day for all mortal who walk in the shade! I am no authority on the history of the Culsu, but there is no mistaking this blade. A slightest nick from this blade will cause the victim’s flesh to rot and fester. There is no known healing for such a wound and even the smallest cut would mean death! We could not wield these blades even if we wished. The evil that forged this blade will devour a soul as surely as the sun will rise tomorrow. Did you see any more of these weapons among the Culsu?


  • None


Quest Facts

- Level: 32
- Requires level 29
- Side:   
- Start: Bright Culsu'tar
- End:
- Sharable: Yes


  1. Culsu'tar
  2. Weapons of Power