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Natural Enemies


Release the Crate of Vicious Beasts at the Mongrel Den


These lands have been home to hounds and mongrels for much too long. In these crates are the Blessings of Vakgarr, beasts of transformation, who will spread through these lands like fire through dried grass. They will drive away the old, and usher in a new era of change. Take the crates to the Mongrels’ Den, to the heart of the mongrels’ soil, and release the beasts contained inside. These beasts will soon take the place of these Mongrels and will soon come to dominate these lands.
This is the perfect place to release the Blessings of Vakgarr.
You smash the crate against the rocks, releasing the vicious beasts contained within...


  • None


  • 1470 experience
Quest Facts

- Level: 27
- Requires level 24
- Side: Kujix
- Start:
- End:
- Sharable: No


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