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On Wolven Ears


Bring three River Reeds to Kiln Tonally.


Bah! Don’t believe those fools! The Beast is a bloodthirsty Direwolf, with teeth that can gnaw through steel and jaws that can crush through bone. Its spittle is made of acid, and its howl is so loud it can shatter a man’s skull. When the Beast charges towards you, its mighty paws don’t push the Beast forward. The Beast pushes all of Alganon behind it! I spent three months hunting the Beast before I discovered that the River Reeds can be used to make a whistle that only the Beast can hear. This whistle can be used to summon the foul creature, if you dare!



The Reeds found in the River are excellent for whistle making.
I won’t blame you if you run, friend. Not even you can hope to face off against the Beast!


  • None


  • 4750 experience
  • 10 15
Quest Facts

- Level: 29
- Requires level 26
- Side: Asharr
- Start:
- End:
- Sharable: Yes