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Taning Oil


Collect ten Westpaw Tanning Oils.


The hide you brought was of master craftsmanship... and you say the gnolls tanned it? The tanning oil that these gnolls use must have some magical property. There is no way a beast like that could show this level of craftsmanship. Bring me a sample of the oils used by their tanners, so I can find the source.
It must be a combination of mineral and plant oils. I will need a large sample of oil if I am to find out exactly what it is made of.
Are you sure this is the oil they used? There is nothing special about it. Could it be the gnolls themselves are capable of such craftsmanship? No... Never. Leave the oils with me. I’m certain I will find the answer.



  • 3930 experience
  • 8 40
Quest Facts

- Level: 24
- Requires level 21
- Side: Kujix
- Start:
- End:
- Sharable: Yes


  1. Perfectly Preserved
  2. Taning Oil