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Andar's Old Chest


Find the Worn Andar Chest in the mines southeast of Andar, and return it to Jon Andar.


When my father first purged this land and founded the outpost of Andar Thresh, he found in the mines here a tool of great evil. He bound the tool in an old chest, and buried it deep in the mine to the southeast. I was only a boy at the time, but I remember the chest well enough to recognize it here, in the hands of the vile Sprog. You must recover it.
Have you found my father's chest? Do the sprog really have it in their vile little hands?
Here! Help me to get it open!



Quest Facts

- Level: 4
- Requires level 3
- Side: Asharr
- Start:
- End:
- Sharable: Yes


  1. Andar's Old Chest
  2. Sprogsnarg