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A Helping Hand


The Darksea Register doesn’t trust you. Speak with Asheran Guard Captain Aubrey about your suspicions.


    Captain Nevatru and his Blue Caps have defended these local farms from bandits, from Frognar, and, from what I hear, from the farmers themselves. We send over seven hundred gold a month to Captain Nevatru, and he spends every copper defending those farmers. In fact, he sends me a sealed copy of their books every three days, detailing exactly where every copper coin is spent. If there was some sort of indiscretion, it would show up in the logs. If you really want to help these farmers, you’ll talk to the Asheran Guard and get us more funding - so we can send even more money to Nevatru and the Blue Caps.
    Unless you have some hard evidence, I’m going to trust Captain Nevatru to do his job. Have I made myself clear?
    I don’t trust Navatru either… never have. I'm sending one of our best to investigate... I'm sending you.


    • None


    • 4250 experience
    • 9 10
    Quest Facts

    - Level: 26
    - Requires level 23
    - Side: Asharr
    - Start:
    - End:
    - Sharable: Yes


    1. A Helping Hand
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