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Tasty Treat


Kill Direflood Lusha to collect six Fresh River Carp as bait for the Beast.


So, you want to catch the Beast, do you? Can’t be done! Don’t listen to what anyone else tells you! I had a run in with the Beast once! It is a monstrous cat with a hundred claws and a thousand teeth. It stands as tall as an elephant and weighs twice as much. Its hide is made of iron, and its bones made of steel! In his belly are the skulls of a thousand hunters who have faced the Beast before you, and soon there will be a thousand and one! If you dare to face the Beast, you’ll need to lure him from his lair.



You’ll never catch those carp with rod and reel. You will need to pry them from the grasp of the Direflood Lusha.
This is your chance to turn back. I may have survived the Beast, but I doubt you will.



  • 4750 experience
  • 10 15
Quest Facts

- Level: 29
- Requires level 26
- Side: Asharr
- Start:
- End:
- Sharable: Yes


  1. Tasty Treat
  2. Direcougar