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A Bone to Pick


Collect twenty Ogran Bones for Woe Bringer Zeek at Scavy Lair.


The bones that carry your strength were once the whey of the fields. The whey was once soil, and the soil was once bone, ground to dust in the bellies of worms. The brutes of Ghazmok see this pit as little more than a place to discard the bones of the dead, but it is much, much, more. It is a testament to the glorious transformation that awaits us all. The bones of Ogran are especially beautiful. Their first pass through the worms simply polishes their exterior, and these polished bones will make for a beautiful display.
Death surrounds us, and you collect so little of it?
Death is inevitable, friend. Celebrate it.



  • 3130 experience
  • 2 85
Quest Facts

- Level: 19
- Requires level 16
- Side: Kujix
- Start:
- End:
- Sharable: Yes


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  2. A Bone to Pick