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Awakened Spirits


Travel to Goobnok and Kill the Awakened Spirit.


It has been at least a millennia since the Dark Serpent was entombed in stone and cast into the sea. These gnolls must have found his tomb, and now they seek to call upon the power of Grok. The god Vakgarr once loved the Dark Serpent, but it was also Vakgarr who had him entombed. He will be overcome with joy, or downturned with sadness, or cast into a violent rage. I know not which. But I do know this... we cannot allow these gnolls to be the ones to gain this power. We must kill the Awakened Spirit at Goobnok and keep that power out of the paws of these gnolls.
Travel to Goobnok. Awaken the Spirit, and strike it down!
The ruins of Goobnok will soon lie quiet once more.



  • 3770 experience
  • 4 80
Quest Facts

- Level: 24
- Requires level 21
- Side: Kujix
- Start:
- End:
- Sharable: Yes


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  3. Awakened Spirits